Boosters…maintenance only or improvement?

Okay, have a question for those of you ahead of me in your journey. I finished my initial 6 - 2.5 weeks ago - and have my first booster scheduled in 2 weeks.

I’m having this feeling like I’m not quite in remission… a kind of twitchy feeling like I’m still a couple steps/treatments short. I’m still better than I was prior to treatment thank goodness. Hoping it’s just a temporary stage while I come to terms with the new normal.

The Question: Have you experienced progress from booster infusions after the initial series? Or do they generally just maintain status quo?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience. :heart:


I think I’ve had 11-12 infusions at this point, and I think I can safely say that (for me anyway) it’s for maintenance. I’ve been in therapy for the same 1-1/2 year time period, so at this point I’m pretty sure that ketamine is no magic bullet. That first series does kind of a reset on the brain - which is badly needed & welcome, no doubt - but unless we learn new ways of processing emotions and such, we just end up in the same old thought patterns and here we go again. At this point, I’m pretty sure that it’s up to me. Ketamine or any other psychedelic will only get you so far.


They doing an infusion once a month I am able to avoid severe physical depression that I used to experience on a daily basis. There is no magic cure. It takes work in addition to the medicine! This is a journey!


I had my first 6 infusions and I am still feeling well. I’m expecting to do another booster in a couple weeks. I want to keep feeling sense of peace and well being.


Hey there. I’ve been receiving ketamine iv infusions for nearly nine months now. I did an initial series of ten infusions over two weeks and felt different - better but a little confusing. I think my brain was adjusting to the treatments and it was so new and seemed to open some doors to feeling better. I did boosters every three weeks with my boutique clinic that customizes the dosage to the patient - important for me. To get to the point after eighth months I am feeling MUCH better consistently and have even spread the treatments out to four weeks. I feel like I am getting repaired a little bit each treatment and not just riding a positive afterglow from ketamine experience. After fighting depression symptoms for decades and trying virtually every major medication cocktail with minimal results I finally feel like a medication is helping to gradually and permanently improve my condition. Don’t get me wrong - I see boosters throughout my foreseeable future to keep improving, however, the interval may gradually extend. For me ketamine has changed everything. I hope you give it a chance - it took a few months for me to really start being better - not just feeling better. Everyone around me has noticed the dramatic improvement. I hope you experience the same benefits and this note helped you out a bit


Very happy for you Jay! Keep up the good work!

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Once monthly. Soon I plan on trying every 6 weeks.


I did infusions monthly for about 2 years after the initial 6. After that it felt like my brain had been rewired/something fixed. The last infusion I had was in March 2021. I’m still doing very good. Note: I also eliminated sugar & starches from my diet (mostly, but still try my best). My diet mostly comes from Dr. Dale Bredesen’s book “The End of Alzheimer’s Program”. I also follow Dr. Valter Longo “The Longevity Diet”. And to date have done 3 cycles of his 5-day fasting Mimicking Diet via the product. I mention all this lest anyone think that it was solely the ketamine infusions.


I’m going on my 9th Monday. After my 6th, I’m doing them every two weeks. Semper Fi!


I started in December 2019. When I did my first 3 I thought I was getting scammed. After my 4th when I was able to “let go” I noticed a change. When I finished my 6th I thought I was cured. Then COVID hit, my dog got hit by a car and died (we found him), my mother in law died in our house (COPD Hospice), and my son’s mom just died in a car accident two months ago. I think if none of the above had happened I would probably be much better than I am now. I get a booster for maintenance. I use to schedule them monthly, but I also get troches to take at home. Now I get one booster about every two months. I’ve tried lots of anti depressants, TMS, talk therapy, Ayahuasca, and hypnotherapy. There is no silver bullet. I wish there was.


Monthly insures that you don’t go back into major depression! You may sometimes slip into a mild depression, but the boosters prevent you from going over the edge in my opinion! They are a godsend!

After my initial 6, I have averaged about 3 months between boosters. (Going into my 2nd year). So far, they have pretty much been maintenance. I’ll take it. It beats where I have been. Years ago I would decline going into winter, white knuckle it until sometime in early spring. Then I would just out of the blue have a moment in the day where I would look out the window, take a deep breath and feel that 5 ton weight lift, and tell myself, "OK, I made it. I’m going to make it. The boosters are kind of like that moment.

My clinic doesn’t do counseling, but I asked them if they worked in conjunction with anyone, or if they had some recommends. I now have to follow up on that. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be any kind of magic bullet. But I am ready to dig in and get to the heavy hitting. My previous therapist (mostly retired pre-pandemic) wasn’t exactly excited about ketamine. It seemed that she viewed it almost as just another drug for escape (as opposed to antidepressants, I guess). I could point out the research articles that my clinic linked to, and I don’t think she ever looked into any of it. Too radically different from her training, I guess.

I want to find someone that has experience with psychedelics, personally and/or professionally, that can give me some guidance on how to approach and interpret my ketamine sessions.

That is to say, currently, boosters for me are maintenance, but I think there is potential (and I am looking for a guide) for improvement.


Just an observation, but after being a student of human consciousness for about 50 years, it seems that the time to spend with the guide is before the encounter with the psychedelic agent. After is cool too, but definitely before.

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@Shepherdess. I just went to look for the very information you asked about on August 24. I feel the same way. Much better but blippy. Some good days and then some bad ones. I have had one booster since the original 6. It was a month ago. The past 4 days have been troublesome for me. I have never had this experience of getting better but falling back. It’s always been such that I nearly suddenly felt better (responded to medication) and then pretty much stayed better til the next one came along. This one has been different. Granted, I’m quite a bit older than last episode (thankfully it’s been years), it was much longer and much deeper. But still, I can’t help but wonder about the trajectory being so different. Anyway, I’m hoping not to have to do boosters forever. Like all of us I’m sure!


Unfortunately, monthly is not an option for me when it’s 3-1/2 hours one-way. Sigh.

I’m in the same boat, but I’m waiting to get a “booster”, until I feel I need it. Right now, I feel great after my 6 infusions, ended over a month ago. Do you think it’s best to get a booster before you feel you need it. To me it may seem unnecessary, considering the price.

@Seethruthelie I was advised to schedule one when I felt I needed it by my clinic and psych. Not necessarily according to a set schedule - everyone has different needs.

Advice given to me, and it seems to jibe with my experience, is not to wait until I need it. That, I suppose, the benefit of having done it more than a few times. Learn to read yourself, to recognize a bit before you need it.

If I wait until I need it, by the time I can schedule it and get in, I am really on edge, I suppose partially because I start obsessing on “I waited too long” and then everything gets under my skin.

Another way of saying that: I have learned to recognize when I start getting irritable, check my timetable (i.e. when did I get my last one?) and get in for a booster. If I wait until every day is like one long nicotine fit after another, that never seem to end, then getting in for my next booster seems to take forever, and it seems like everybody is working extra hard to rub me the wrong way. (This reminds me of a question I have for more experienced troche/lozenge/take-home sprays users…watch for a new topic from me).

If I wait too long, I seem to be playing catch-up with maintenance. If I stay a little bit ahead of that curve, there seems to be improvement.


Makes sense - need is a very relative term! I don’t think they mean “wait until you’re desperate”! :blush: Just pay attention to your mental state and plan accordingly.


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say.

I think I had to get desperate once or twice to “get it”, though.