Dark visions

It seems that most of the times I undergo an infusion the visions are pretty dark. One in particular that I seem to go through nearly every time looks like the very dim interior of an Egyptian tomb, and I find myself wondering if the nature of those experiences is caused simply by the lack of light in the room since it’s generally pretty dim in there during the infusion. So I’m wondering if perhaps a little higher lighting level might change the nature of the experience, perhaps while wearing some ganzfeld goggles or mask. Your thoughts?


Same experience for me. They lighten the room and it seems to help. Hope this helps. Best of luck!


At the slightly higher doses, it is in an anesthetic after all, I found it to make my vision kinda fuzzy/dim, but in the same way I feel like if I take my glasses off. Generally though, as strange effect of ket was actually light seems intensified, even causing some photosensitivity post-infusion. Either way, never had much impact on my experience; with almost no exceptions it has been one of increased well-being and equanimity which I just associate now with not being depressed. I usually ask them to turn the light off because I hate the ceiling fluorescent lighting in most clinics.

I always like some light. They have a dim light in our room that you can change colors. I don’t like the mask. I also don’t like taking troches when it’s dark outside. I feel like everything with Ketamine is very setting, mindset, and music. I’m personally having a bad string of negative ones. I feel like I either had stuff going on that day prior to taking it, I get interrupted, or I have a lot of things on my mind and it’s hard to let go. When I can’t “let go” I find the efficacy is not that great.

I use a space projector during my infusions. So the lights in my room are off but the room looks like a planetarium :grin: