Ketamine infusions reducing suicidality

I’m having my third infusion tomorrow. My suicidal thoughts have been a little less intrusive. I hope that this continues. I’ve hurt my sons so much


Keep up the good work! It definitely helps with suicidal ideation! That is great that you recognize how you affect other people! Big hugs! @Gasgirl

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I have found it extremely helpful with my SI. Whenever I get suicidal i go in for booster. Take care! :purple_heart:


Hope it helps. You’re also modeling self-care for your sons and giving them a model of how to heal. That’s a good thing.


How are you doing ?

It definitely helped me with suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Haven’t put a gun to my head since starting the infusions. Yea, I was at that point. I have since gained my composure to think rationally instead of being ill-rational. Your family and a desire to see what you can accomplish for your self could be a good motivator. Keep pushing through the muck to get to the happiness. It’s worth it!


I’ve been a burden on my family and hurt them more then they say. They have forgiven me and support me through everything. Your son loves you! Hang in there, ok


Are you taking antidepressants and receiving Ketamine infusions? I have 2 weeks to stop my Gabapentin and I have reduced my fluoxetine by 2 thirds already. This gets tricky because I want to make sure I have done everything on my end. I want the infusions to be most effective but am already dealing with suicidal thought and ideation. 2 weeks seems like so far away and I’m dealing with some recent changes in my life that are mentally and physically stressful.

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I’m on Wellbutrin and my provider didn’t stop it but once I done my initial 6 infusions my doctor reduced it by half at my request after I had talked to my therapist. I don’t have the credentials to address any medical issues, but you know how you feel and should address them with your medical providers and therapist. Don’t let your feelings linger and get worse. At minimum get to your therapist to talk about your needs. The way I dealt with my issues is I made my responsibility for my family the driving force for getting help and getting better. Use the ones you love and that includes yourself as the need to fight toxic thoughts and get through this. There is a better side and trust me you want it.