Sacred Acoustics during an infusion?

Someone here had mentioned that they liked the offerings from Sacred Acoustics, so I took a chance, bought a couple of their bundled offerings and have been checking them out. One in particular that intrigues me is Event Horizon, and I was considering listening to it from an iPad Mini with some good over-the-ear headphones during my next infusion. It could be rather intense - maybe too much so. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Hey Sojourner,

Great question!

I would say – if you think it could be too intense for you, then it probably is. Since the same music can affect people differently, I think you and your provider will be the best people to asnwer that question. So I would recommend starting with something that you and your provider feel confident would not be too intense for you.

I did a bit of reading on the topic too, and while I did not come across any studies that address your question specifically, there was one interesting study in 1992 that may relate (link below). This was done in a department of anesthesia, so do note that the dosages used and the clinical settings were very different. The anesthesiologists knew that ketamine was associated with vivid dreams and unpleasant emotional reactions upon awakening from surgery, so they attempted to see what effect music might have on these unwated reactions. They provided some of the patients in the study with music (of their choice) 5 minutes before induction of anesthesia and 15 minutes post-op. A significant number of study participants found the experience more acceptable with music. Although we cannot correlate the experience of the pataients in this study with the experience of patients taking ketamine for psychiatric purposes, I think there is something to be said about the fact that patients felt better when listening to music of their choice.

Hopefully as ketamine therapy becomes more widespread, we will see more relevant peer-reviewed studies that can help us answer awesome questions like yours in better detail. Feel free to keep us posted on your experience! Best wishes.

Link to study:


I just downloaded the Sacred Acoustics app and tried it out while using lozenges. It seems pretty interesting and could help with the experience. I haven’t listened to “Event Horizon” yet (the sample is pretty intense) but in my infusion playlists I stay away from anything that is too dark or has unexpected loud noises. I use the sound generator app MyNoise in my infusions sometimes- it has a few binaural beat generators that work with similar principles as Sacred Acoustics. It lets you dial in certain frequencies that feel good. Hope this helps.

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Yeah, I’ve decided that “Event Horizon” isn’t the best choice as well. “Light Body” seems like it might be a better option, so I think I’ll give that one a try during my next follow-up.


Follow up - I did in fact use the Sacred Acoustics “Light Body” non-verbal track during my most recent infusion, and felt that it shaped the experience in a positive way. The composition of Light Body seemed to mesh very well indeed with the Ketamine experience (for me), and I would do it again. As always, your mileage may vary.

I have used tracks from the “Whole Mind” package by Sacred Acoustics. I have found them very useful during home sessions. I will look into the others mentioned. Thanks!


I’m a big fan of sacred acoustics- even though they are expensive and the app is pretty out dated, the content is really good and helpful during infusions. I just got the exploration pack that I’m going to try in my infusion tomorrow.

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If you or anyone else decides to use Light Body, I’d recommend using the extended version. The shorter version seemed to transition into some frequencies to bring you out if it too early. I’d also recommend listening to the track several times before the infusion. Whatever you decide to use, please report back to us. :face_with_monocle: