1 week apart treatments?

I received my first treatment on Tuesday. Due to logistics and distance from clinic and work schedule , I can only visit the clinic once a week, and even this is logistically difficult but I am committed to the 6 treatment plan.

So I am doing my second treatment next Wednesday.

Is one week apart treatments going to be beneficial? I am really hopeful.

That’s iffy… From what I understand, it’s pretty important that they are initially spaced close together. Otherwise it’s like working from square one again if u r a whole week later. I am not a provider tho, this is just what I’ve learned from providers. If u aren’t too severe tho, maybe it will be ok?

Agreed. I have had to start the 6 treatments over again. I had them 3 years ago. The death of my son created a whole new monster. I’m not sure you can get the true benefits spacing them 6 weeks apart. Research it, because if your Ketamine Center is saying yeah thats ok? Maybe look for a new Ketamine treatment center.