1st treatment done!

Had my first treatment on Sunday. Very baseline dose given and the doctor said we will step up gradually because of my anxiety and ptsd that compounds my depression. It was a good experience. They did give me zofran in IV because of my propensity for nausea. It’s definitely been a thing for me! I do feel like the first treatment had some benefit as I feel calmer both yesterday and today. It’s also made a difference in my piano playing. I can hear it and feel it and so can my family and band members. So that’s something. I did cry several times during treatment and I just let myself cry and be with it. I also had a few moments of panic and had to relax myself through those but they went fine and I was able to feel comfortable and let go some.


You’re feeling and playing the vibration of the universe. Your light is radiating through your love of music. Everyone speaks a different language inside and it can only be translated/radiated through love and positivity. Those who choose to be in tune with you are feeling those frequencies. If that doesn’t make sense or or feed or spark, just let it wash over you and know we are all connected and here to support you through this journey….and it may not make sense because I just had my 11th treatment earlier today and I’m still “feeling” it. Just spreading some positivity :wink: 🫀:zap:


It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for that. I hope you are feeling great after your treatment! I’m looking forward to my next one and seeing what comes. Do you ever cry? Is that a common response?

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I cry all of the time. Maybe not as often now, definitely more than I ever did before treatment, but my first few treatments I cried a TON. I just let myself do it and truly feel it. It’s very cleansing.

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@Bex congratulations on your first treatment! Sounds like you did an amazing job of “going with the flow”. :blush: You may continue to feel a lot of emotions during treatment- it’s all part of the process. Your music sounds like an amazing way to work through all that you experience. :heart:

I cry all the time, too! I can’t explain it. I just assume it catharsis and let it wash over me. I cry every time during one particular piece of music (https://open.spotify.com/track/0wYTMqONfJWCymloIWVzWD?si=Y1MHpZJ0SZaOI_Vgz-lWZw&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1).

I don’t think I’ve heard it before, but every time during my journey…

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