5 days after booster, feeling bad/weird

Hi guys,
I had 7 infusions about 6 months ago (within a 6 week period the last two a day apart and the most beneficial, at a higher dose). Max dose was 2.3 mg/kg but I think most of them were 1.5-2 mg/kg

We jumped right into a decently high dose. Just a little less than my last of the 7.

This booster was at about 2.25 mg/kg. It was intense but not bad (except I didn’t have a blanket for this one and entered an arctic vision at one point, haha). This was really different from the other visuals. There was recognizable things, almost documentary style. Most of my trips are like magnified carpet fibers or oozing rollercoaster trashbags or bean bags squeezing me into a hole in the celling. A little cartoon people action sometimes but nothing that was super normal or recognizable. This one was very intense in terms of movement. I holed hard physically, I was totally ok if I died. I was so insanely nauseated after waking up. Way more than usual.

I have been doing the nasal spray (analy because I couldn’t tolerate it) and definitely had some intense trips. They weren’t as big as the IV but felt similar. I would always have an emotional hangover the next day and feel weak and vulnerable but after 3 days max I’d be feeling normal.

This time I feel like I’m either deep in my body (kind of in a little tunnel afraid to peak out) barely functional. I’m less emotional. It comes in big bursts then I’m totally numb. Both spectrums seem bad. It’s 5 days now. I feel like I should be coming out of it. I’m sore and a little worried.

Anyone else experience this? Have any advice?

Just a guess, but unless I’m mistaken 2.25 mg/kg is a pretty stiff dose. More concerning is the fact that the way you’re using the spray probably results in greater and more rapid absorption than is intended by the clinic, since I’m fairly sure they don’t want you to have an experience of that intensity unsupervised.

When I have had the higher doses, I’ve noted that recovery takes much longer. I can actually smell the ketamine inside my head the day of the infusion. You might try a bit of a reduction in dosage if you’re not comfortable with the aftermath.

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Hey Absentboxtop,
Do you remember the dosage they started you at…my next/4th infusion is gonna be at .7mg…for me they have been increasing each by .1mg. I’ve had no nausea, but am still at a lower dose.

I think my first does was around 1-1.25 mg/kg

My first 3 infusions I had a KAP therapist with me. He advocated for more based on his experience he had been studying it for a few years, really one of the few documented studies. After the 3rd we stayed the same place for 2 more sessions and I stopped tripping much. They made a big deal about that being important for it to work so I complained that I was worried and they bumped it up again.

They mix theirs with magnesium which I think is important. I take a lot of extra magnesium too.

I have a pretty serious metabolism for my size. I also have to take promethazine because I’m allergic to Zofran.

Yeah, I can smell it the second it enters my body.

I take way way less of the RX spray. It’s a 1 month script and I usually go 8-10 weeks.

I have a pretty serious metabolism for my size. I also have to take promethazine because I’m allergic to Zofran.

Honestly the home treatments have been way more emotionally benefitial. The more I’m thinking about it one of the differences was my administrator was pregnant this time. I was worried about her comfort the whole time because I asked for a space heater and had it cranked. I knew she would get too warm (pregnancy is a hot business).

What has been your dosing?


I believe that my last infusion was either 1.1 or 1.2 mg/kg. And that was plenty.

How long does it take you to recover?

Initially, I was ok the next day, but that was at starting dosages. When I got over 1 mg/kg, I was still feeling aftershocks until the second day after the infusion.

Do you experience the Ketamine Hole affect they call it with the nasal spray? Assuming you have heard about Spravato which is now being covered by insurance but it has to be in a Dr’s office or Nurse Anesthetist office?

I don’t fully hole at home. If I took the recommended dose on my RX I totally would but I take about a quarter to a half of the dose.

I’ve read spravato is not as good as regular old ketamine for depression because it is altered. My spray was just a compounded water soluble solution.

Appreciate the info absent. Do you know what the full dose mg is as I just set up an appt for Spravato(56mg & 84mg) which my DR says is the exact same drug…a mirror image is what I’ve read. Can any Dr’s on this site if it truly is as effective as Ketamine?

It’s hard for me to figure out what they RXed on the spray. I had one that said less from a different pharmacy but seemed way stronger. I actually split the contents and filled it with 1/2 with water. So 1 spray would be half a spray. There was no way I could have done 7 sprays at full strength. Even one was pretty intense if I needed to function at all.

There really is not a good way to compare Spravato vs compounded Ket. They are chemically different so I don’t know if the mg would even help you. I can tell you that taking it nasally sucks. I would have freaked out if I got to the same level of IV K-hole with my nose filled with that foul smell and dripping down my throat. But maybe spravato is different? Don’t take my worries to heart. Many studies say both are benefitial. To me Spravato was just a way to charge way more for something (or stuff it through FDA more easily so insurance would cover ketamine off label).

Yeah…I’m anxious to try it snd I will post my experience. Just hoping for the dissociative effect that I enjoy!!!


UPDATE: 7 days after my booster I’m finally feeling a little better. I’m still really lethargic (took 10mg Adderall and it helped a lot). Still emotionally numb but had some breakthrough emotions today. More present then the last 6 days that’s for sure.

:+1::+1:GLAD to hear it absent…

I’m curious, @Grousey, are you still on Adderall? I’m on it right now (25 mg) and slowly decreasing. Im highly sensitive to side effects and have been timing ketamine infusions to help with the withdrawal. Just curious what other people’s experience with Adderall and Ketamine head been.