A recent troche experience

Over the weekend I did a troche and had a few “Aha!” moments.

A big one was that I may have been a bit wrong-headed about it. The troches aren’t meant to be an “infusion jr.” They aren’t going to be a less intense version of my injections. And, I don’t have to make time to do a full troche every time. I can do a partial troche as my “after work martini”, so to speak.

Having said that, I’ll go into a little more detail: I have had an on-and-off interest in Brion Gyson’s ‘Dreamachine/Dream Machine’ for a long time. The short, over simplified version is that it is a strobe light sort of situation/thing. There are several different online simulators. And I’ll put the cautionary statement that they all have; the strobe effect can induce seizures in people that are sensitive to flashing lights. At any rate, I was listening to Tibetan singing bells (no particular version, just a long playlist of various tracks, and I’m not sure the soundtrack is very relevant to this). I had all the lights off, so I was in a dark room, and ran one of the Dreamachine simulators at a slow rate (8 Hz, I think). I had my eyes closed, so the light was through my eyelids, not direct eyesight. After a few seconds/minutes (who can tell, on ketamine?), what I was seeing was the light flashes through my eyelids. What I was seeing was almost “infusion jr.”. I was seeing less intense versions of what I see when I close my eyes during my clinic injections.

I don’t know that it ‘means’ anything, or if it had anything to with my “Aha” moments, but it was quite fascinating.

I intend to do a little more research and experiment with it at least a few more times, just to see what happens.


That is super interesting! I’m really curious to hear what you learn and experience.

Interesting. I had never heard of Brion Gysin or his dream machine, so I looked him up. I remember seeing a set of goggles that generated strobe lights in Michael Hutchison’s book, “Megabrain”, but I don’t recall the name of the device. I’ll have to delve into it and report back.

Is that similar to EMDR?

@salty and @Sojourner - FWIW - I have been using a BrainTap headset, which sounds very similar - it uses LED lights in the earcovers (Not sure how that works) and the visor that swings down. But same kind of strobe effect - supposed to affect your brain waves and help with brain “entrainment”. But obviously not for those with epilepsy or similar issues induced by strobe lighting.

I was able to find my BrainTap headphones on eBay for about half the normal price. Yay! I heard about it through InHarmony, who makes the meditation vibroacoustic cushion and table/mat. They (InHarmony) call it “the cocoon experience”.

I haven’t been able to use them with ketamine (my clinic and psych practitioner won’t prescribe at-home use) but I have been using them to run InHarmony binaural/solfreggio programs as well as the BrainTap programs which are a combo of guided meditation and binaural/solfreggio type selections. I do think the combo gives a more holistic experience and helps me to stay into the meditation more than simply listening. And after using it I did sleep better.

My husband teases that I am a gadget junkie which is likely true - but the way I see it even placebos have about a 15% success rate (if I remember) and frankly if it helps, it helps.

Now I really wish I had troches just to try it out! :grinning: Oh well. My goal for using these and the meditation cushion is to help me stretch out boosters so I don’t feel like I’m trying to use ketamine treatment as a crutch. I worry that it would be really easy to psychologically crave a booster every time I go through a rough patch.

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My late father in law was a cancer researcher. He was in awe of the placebo effect. His thought was “Isn’t the brain amazing!” If a sugar pill can truly help some people some of the time, who needs Big Pharma?

I remember one party where none of us had connections or money for anything else, so we had a Placebo Party. We played Quarters with water, did lines of sugar (Ouch!) and confused latecomers that couldn’t get it that we really were having fun without the Real Thing.

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I actually used the brain tap yesterday during my booster on a vibroacoustic bed. It was definitely a different experience and took a little getting used to. I think because I usually have the mindfold on so I’m used to the total darkness. I ended up doing two of the 33 min courses, or whatever you want to call them… I would recommend only doing one and then maybe the mindfold. I had a pretty major headache for a couple hours after but felt amazing after it went away. I haven’t really had time to integrate and reflect upon the whole experience but I would definitely do it again.

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@Janderson79 - how fascinating! I bet it was different…and yes, I would think it could be a bit overwhelming to have flashy lights instead of the dark screen of the Mindfold mask. I would love to do a booster on the vibroacoustic bed. I have the vibroacoustic meditation cushion but I find it is sometimes difficult for my hips to sit in the correct posture. It is still a help - but am thinking about investing in the bed at some point. We have a Bemer pad which is supposed to increase circulation and have other benefits, but I think it’s more obvious body/brain work with the vibroacoustic.

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