A useful journey

I came to the realization that I had no choice but to bite the bullet and drive the 280 miles for an infusion, so I called my clinic and amazingly enough, the exact time slot that I needed to be able to still make my appointment with my therapist was open for me. Meant to be, I guess. On the morning I was to leave I created a special playlist to listen to during the infusion. It began with “The Word”, followed by “Om”, both from the Moody Blues album “In Search of the Lost Chord”, then followed by “Shuan” by Nightnoise as a segue into the Sacred Acoustics tape “Light Body”. Set the stage for a profound experience it did, and I awakened feeling changed by it, as if I had ever been asleep. :roll_eyes:

For those who have never heard Shuan, here is a youtube link. It’s harmonizing Japanese flutes, and provided a lovely transition into Light Body.



Happy for you!

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