Abuse destroys

I was a Phi Kappa Phi at Montana State U. I was on the dean’s list every quarter. I was on the dean’s list at ISU.
I wanted to get a master’s degree but was too poor and afraid to go back to school.
I’ve been told that I was “crazy, a loser and bitch” by Mark Forbord my X husband.
I have a higher than average IQ and was put down by my family for being a “show off” or “smart ass.”
I just read my brother’s wife’s reviews and accolades. She is very ambitious and had love and support her whole life. She had support reaching her goals
Abuse destroys lives. I wanted to be a writer but was sure that I would fail…
I’m rejoining phi kappa phi and framing my certificate.
Idaho has been a horrible place for me to live. There was no place for smart women so I did low paying, hard women’s work. Abusers are threatened by those of us who are strong and intelligent…get away from anyone who puts you down.
The messages on this site are written by the kindest and most intelligent people that I have met…you are all so brilliant!


I have had aspirations to write for a long time. All I have to show for it is a collection of 20+ fountain pens, a stack of fancy paper and an occasional urge to buy old typewriters at the thrift store. That and a lack of any ideas to write about.

I still have the urge to write, but I just don’t see me writing the Great American Novel. Mark Twain, among others, have beat me to it.

When I ordered a series of books by Adam Gnade, starting with “The Do It Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherf***king Sad”, I also received a pin that says “Death to the Dream Killers”.

Unplug from the internet. Never read the reviews. Don’t judge yourself by using someone else’s words or comparing yourself to someone else’s accomplishments. You aren’t them, they will never be you. Never accept criticism from anyone you don’t respect. Base your dreams on what you want, not what you fear.

Live your life where you are. Oppressive cultures generate wonderful sub-cultures.

As an old punk rocker, I guess I could quote The Exploited: Beat the Bastards!

Illegitimi non corundum.


Start small. I published about 60 times for magazines before I did a book. Whether it’s prose, poetry, or nonfiction (what I write) - there are all kinds of small publications you can submit to - it is a great way to get used to the process and working with editors.

You can do it! Just start small…. it’s a journey kinda like mental health. :blush::heart:

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@Mariah agree with @Shepherdess. Choose something you are passionate about and start with an article. Learning and working with editors/reviewers is key. There are so many types of publication. I began writing articles for peer review journals, boy was it a pleasure when I then wrote for a magazine. Best of luck. Jump in, you can do it!


I also wanted to be a writer when young. Then life happened and I ended up in a k clinic. I write tons for work but it’s not interesting to me. I have no idea if your situation in Idaho but maybe if your heart is telling you to move, look into (?) I moved far away from my parents as soon as I could to a state I wanted to be in. Parents tried to guilt trip me that I abandoned them later (well mom did). I started my own life away from them and it was wise in retrospect to have the physical space.

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