Am I cured? Maybe

Tossing out my latest anecdote & disjointed thoughts here. I’ve been doing Ketamine treatments for close to 2 years. (Monthly sessions) I feel the sessions helped re-wire my brain so I was much less likely to instantaneously “go negative” as a reaction to events, etc.
On May 29th my wife and started the 5-day Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet. ( for those interested in looking up more about it)
It was the first time either of attempted a fast. On a scale of easy to hard, it definitely leaned more to easy. The refeeding after a fast is very important. You just don’t go out and eat a greasy burger and fries the day after.
Anyway, starting with day 1 refeeding after the fast we both agree that mentally we have never felt better or more UP. It’s now day 7? and everything is still good.
I have become a huge proponent of “Functional Medicine”. (see Dr. Mark Hyman on youtube)
Ketamine does and admirable job of treating and managing symptoms. But if you really want to tame the beast, you must also search for and treat the myriad of contributing causes. That’s where a functional medicine MD can really help out. It will take a few months, but they will test, treat, repeat and eventually address enough of the contributors to your depression that it will result in a significant remission.
My last session was March 29, 2021. (2 months, 1 week, 1 day ago)
I’ll repost if/when I feel the need for another session.
For now I feel good and just don’t feel like there’s more to be had by an infusion.


Awesome Umalmahay!!! Ketamine sure has done wonders for so many of us out here!!! Stay well buddy!!!