AMA on Wed 5/13/20: renowned ketamine psychiatrist and geneticist

Great question! Glad to see the interest. Students and residents can do an internship in private practices if their academic centers don’t offer KAP. I would recommend going onto the Osmind Directory (see the menu at top of this website) and finding some clinics in your area. In the Bay Phil Wolfson is often generous with his time. Healing Realms or Polaris could be great fits too. For trainees I may suggest starting with the medical model of ketamine first before going straight into KAP.

That’s it folks – this was so FUN! If you have any further questions you can email Osmind at and they can put you in touch with me if appropriate. Just a final thought I want to leave for everyone:

Ketamine has a good chance of working if you have TRD but if it doesn’t, do not give up! There are ALWAYS other options.


That does seem surprising! Thank you for your reply

Thank you so much!

How important is your mental approach to getting Ketamine. In other words, do you think it will work better if I believe it will work better?