AMA Thurs 7/30/20: Andrew Penn, NP, UCSF professor+researcher and MAPS MDMA therapist

What should be the role of a guide during a psychedelic experience? Also, what can a guide ideally do to help someone through a difficult psychedelic experience?

can you tell me a little about how psychedelic experiences can be beneficial for people with bipolar disorder specifically? is there a “root cause” of bipolar that psychedelic assisted psychotherapy really targets?

also, what steps does grief psychotherapy take? curious about the emotions and issues it delves into or attempts to resolve.

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Thank you so much. Your AMA was really eye-opening. After learning how much psychedelic assisted therapy differs from ketamine infusions, I feel fortunate in a lot of ways. I started with a solid foundation from a psychotherapist and an understanding of the issues behind my CPTSD. The CRNA who runs my ketamine clinic emphasized experience over dosage. And I saw my somatic bodyworker between infusions for nervous system recovery, emotional processing, and integration. So I sort of pieced my own therapy together around infusions. I was able to gain insight and perspective and process trauma during infusions. It was positively exhausting but cathartic and healing. Many people getting infusions are on doses so high that they can’t remember their experiences and keep going back when the antidepressant effect wears off.

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Do you have any ketamine assisted psychotherapist recommendations. I’m taking ketamine and I feel the therapy is missing. I started a journal, but I feel like I need someone who is familiar with Ketamine. I agree that the clinics that just providing ketamine are not giving the whole package and a regular therapist doesn’t understand the psychedelic experience. I think someone who has done psychedelics would be ideal. I feel like a lot of emotions and levels of my anxiety and depression have come up, but I feel somewhat lost. I feel like my wife is kind of like my therapist because I talk to her about what comes up, but I feel like I’m being given gems of information and they are being somewhat unresolved.

where are you based? There’s a care directory button at the top bar of this page, maybe that will help

I don’t see the “care directory”. I’m in Richmond, VA. I was also curious about MDMA as a treatment for depression. I experimented over 20 years ago, and honestly it’s the only time in my life when I’ve felt happy. This was not during the experience but the days after. I recall the feeling of feeling like I could breathe for the first time. The knots in my stomach were gone for once.

My ketamine infusions have helped, but I’m seeking as many alternative treatments as possible to see which works best. I’m getting off Pristiq which is a nightmare. We had two deaths recently and I didn’t feel the Ketamine was enough. I really wish I hadn’t. These anti depressants and ADHD medications, in my experience, are horrible on your body and mind. The side effects and withdrawals are worse or make the depression and anxiety worse. I am hoping that more of these alternative treatments get approved throughout the country. Ketamine probably saved my life. I’m trying to get approved for TMS as well.

Another thing I wanted to ask is, do you think anti depressants can interfere with some of these alternatives like Ketamine? I got on Pristiq, and I felt like the Ketamine wasn’t working as well. I’m getting off of Pristiq now.