AMA Tues 8/4/20: Clinton Ginn, entheogenic therapy activist (COO of PLEDG and Founder of Hive Defense Fund)

We are very excited to announce that Clinton Ginn, enthoegenic therapy activist, is joining as a special guest to do an AMA on Tues Aug 4 at 6pm PT.

Specifically, Clinton is COO of PLEDG, a non-profit dedicated to providing access, education, and guidance around safe, legal, and sacred plant and fungal medicines. PLEDG’s community focus is on minorities, emergency service personnel, and military veterans. PLEDG seeks to lower the social, legal, and economic barriers to healing and transformation afforded through entheogenic therapies.
Clinton is also founder of Hive Defense Fund, which provides community support and legal defense of people persecuted for connection with entheogens.

A bio from Clinton:
With a degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, I worked as a counselor with at-risk youth, which after 6 years, convinced me of the futility of the current institutional paradigm of mental health care. I found mushroom medicine to be a possible remedy for some of the pain I had witnessed in the mental health field. I became a medicinal mycologist in 2009 and have spent the last 10+ years as an entrepreneur, mushroom farmer, mycology laboratory technician, and as the director of a commercial spawn and research laboratory. My passion lies in developing the emerging field of plant and fungal medicine: particularly the mushroom kingdom, as the pain of chronic inflammatory and mental health diseases are at an all-time high in society.

Please post your questions here and Clint will answer on Tuesday! Thank you so much!


Thanks so much for the important work you do!
One question - how do we advocate for psychedelics and entheogenics while making sure there’s no political backlash like several decades ago? One way people typically mention is focusing on medical research. What do u think is the best path forward - broad decrim or medical research?

You have a wonderful mission of lowering socioeconomic barriers to entheogenic therapies. But how can the whole community make sure this happens? with MDMA and psilocybin assisted therapy, only a small number of therapists seem to be trained to legally give those treatments. So how can we make sure everyone who needs it can actually access those treatments? And what’s stopping those providers from cranking up the price super high

Thank you

what do the decriminalization movements actually mean in denver/oakland/santa cruz? for example, i heard there was someone who was searched and under charges for selling mushrooms in denver even though this should be decriminalized?

And what’s going on in Oregon?

Thanks for doing this! Amazing work :slight_smile:
I am curious why you chose to focus on activism with entheogenics specifically instead of psychedelics more broadly. Is there a difference in terms of the advocacy work? Is there a distinction - in the legal system and the healthcare system - between synthetic and plant psychedelic medicines?

Hi Clinton!

I would like to learn more about your work as a counselor with at-risk youth and how that experience led you to mushroom medicine? what can we learn from those at-risk and their mental health experiences?

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!
Where do you see research on the benefits of entheogens going in the next couple years? Do you think we can expect to see research-backed legalization of entheogens or do you think other types psychedelics may be legalized first?

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