Another drug I can’t tolerate!?!

Like probably many of you, else no big pharma meds work on my very particular brain. Now I’ve bombarded my very particular brain with 2 days of infusions and 3 days later I still feel drugged. This is awful. Is this ketamine intolerance- my body saying get this junk away from me? I posted elsewhere that I have been worried about psych drugs like this my whole life as I don’t inherently trust them (I was a Reagan War on Drugs kid but aside from that I still never trusted psychedelic drugs). I feel I’ve been pushed into this now (no other option so they said) and I am afraid I’m suffering side effects that won’t go away ever. I don’t feel better. I feel drugged. I am starting regret for spending money on this again. It failed a year ago why would it work now- I just want my mind back!!! What have they done to me? I’m too numb and drugged feeling to even cry. Someone please tell me I’ll get my mind back.

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People out there- I’m honestly getting terrified now what this drug has done to my brain. My dr is closed all week of course I don’t see what a call into my psych will do….forget trying to quit benzos. I’m about to have a panic attack from the terror this drug is giving me and there is no way I cannot take benzos now. Dear Lord help

Here for you! You’re not losing your mind. My experience has been similar - I started infusion on April and had memory concerns. Like I was losing my memory and the ketamine wasn’t helping. It takes time to find the therapeutic dose and spacing between doses. In each moment, it’s hard to find peace with that, I know. I do hope that your anxiety is temporary and you can breath.

In a more practical vein, does your clinic have on-call support? If not, can you contact your psychiatrist or GP? It sounds like you need support and if the clinic is closed, those might be other options?

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@SOHoffman76 No my clinic doesn’t have 24/7 support (except sending me to this app)

If this doesn’t subside by tomorrow I’ll probably call my psych, if he’s there. My pcp won’t know anything.

Did your memory get better and the feeling of just being “drugged”? (I have a career that requires my mind to do some analytical acrobatics and I need to focus, soon. )

Yes, memory is better. And the world looks more authentic. I don’t mean that in a “hocus-pocus” kind of way. I just mean things are clearer, more raw, more real. (Probably because I’d been slogging through the world for so long.)

I, too, have a job that expects my brain to remember details, etc. And three young (ish) kids I want to remember things for. Two full-time jobs and ket are a tough combo, right?

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Absolutely challenging to raise kids, have a demanding career and deal with ketamine. If your memory has increased since pre-k (pre-ketamine) (?) maybe that is progress?

You’re gonna be fine. Trust the science and talk with your doctor. I also recommend checking out Reddit, it’s way more active.

Trust what science the zero studies we are lab rats science? Sorry I’m fed up with doctors and their hocus pocus rake in the cash BS. Thanks for the Reddit page link

I tried the reddit link, but it didn’t last long, I’m afraid. They try REAL hard to get you to download their app, and I’m just enough of a curmudgeonly old b@stard to not take kindly to that…

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I just tried to find Reddit and I can’t figure out their system, yes Reddit wants an app on my phone and I’m not into that either, this app is bad enough.

There’s tons of new research coming out now about ketamine treatment.

I can’t help you if you’re going to obstinate about downloading an app. You can view Reddit on a browser anyway.

Good luck.