Anxiety while sleeping

I’m having trouble sleeping, it’s very difficult to describe what happens to me when I lay down at night. The only word I can use Is weird, my chest feels weird, my heart feels weird it’s just all odd. It scares me and then causes my anxiety to go sky high believing I’m going to die in my sleep. I’m not sure if my issues are real or if I just create it in my head even though it feels very real. I have even been completely asleep and woken my self up by taking in huge breaths, the tv was on and it sounded like it was fading to where I couldn’t hear it but withing seconds it all came back,I am losing so much sleep over this. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there help?

Yes - sporadically. I finally want to live in my life for the first time in many years - so dying scares me. I’ve started doing meditation through Beachbody but you can find things online also. Working out has really helped my anxiety - but at night reassuring myself I’m ok and to calm myself down has worked. It’s scary and I still have super hard times.

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Hello, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Anxiety can present itself in innumerable ways. And, sleep is so essential to our homeostasis and can in-turn create a loop that can further only exacerbate anxiety.

So what can we do about it?

  • Medically: First we need to make sure that there isn’t an underlying cause of the anxiety. Many times a variety of biological issues can cause the circumstances you’re going through.
  • Psychiatric: Then once you’re cleared medically, I would recommend you see a psychiatrist and get a complete psych evaluation.
  • Lastly, what to do until then? You can do some self-care on your own. It is essential to make sure you’re not doing too many things at the same time.
    Here is a link to a document that you may want to refer to for asking yourself key questions as you move towards your best night of sleep :slight_smile:

Please share with me any questions or concerns you might have regarding any of the items in the document. Print it out, read it thoroughly, and fill out your own self-care plan in the last page.