Anyone ever get pushback from a loved one about the ketamine infusions just being about "getting high"?

My wife had a last minute freakout (due to a last minute spate of Googling the negative effects of ketamine as a party drug), and completely blew up my infusion schedule. My provider noted that I didn’t have a good support structure at home, and postponed my infusions. Probably the right thing to do, but I’m pissed at my wife for not raising this before I took time off from work for it.
My wife has now stated that she will never accept the infusions as therapeutic (no matter the research), but won’t stand in my way. I have no faith that this will change either.
I ended up canceling (probably just postponing) the infusions, but for reasons indirectly related to her objections.
If this happened to you, how did you handle it?

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I’m sorry you don’t have a good support system. I divorced my ex for being an ableist and for making me feel crazy.
I have CRPS and the treatment has been nothing short of miraculous for me.
8 days of 4 hour infusions. It was very intense and I wasn’t sure I’d go back after my first day. I did. I’m 6 weeks out and am planning a booster next week.
I lived 10 years in extreme pain. No one would listen. 14 surgeries and countless medications. If I said my pain was a 10, they’d accuse me of drug seeking. If I said 6, they’d say just live with it, nothing more they could do.
One very good doctor payed attention and also discovered lupus. (I have Sjögrens too) autoimmune diseases tend to “clump”
My advice is DO IT! Your wife doesn’t live in your body. It is manipulative and controlling for her to discount your pain and cruel to keep you from trying something because of her fear/disapproval. These are administered in a controlled environment, not behind a dumpster at the 7-11. Best of luck to you!


I’ve had family members do the same thing. I’ve even been called a druggie. It’s a horrible feeling. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. I just usually go to my appointments by myself and have to stay over in a hotel. You should go ahead with your infusions. You have to take care of yourself.

I suspect that my response to such would be something like this: “There are legitimate uses of medications and there is drug abuse. My infusions are administered by trained medical professionals which clearly puts them in the former category. If you have a problem with that, it is just that - your problem.”

You don’t need that. Period.


Best line so far:. These are administered in a controlled environment, not behind a dumpster at the 7-11.


I was actually given the option to proceed, but opted not to. I didn’t want it to be the case that “those damned infusions” caused all if our problems, when they were clearly there beforehand.

It feels to me like your wife is engaging in narcissistic behavior. If she is a “Christian” drop Matthew 7:1 in her lap. Then ask to see her “degrees” from the universities of “shit people say on the internet” and “Google U”. If she cannot find them (cuz they do not exist) ask her for he qualifications a psychiatric practitioner.

How is her depression? She ever experienced it? If you are able-bodied and paying for your treatment? She may wanna step aside and evaluate a little thing called “actual results”.

I am hopeful for you that you get access to ketamine and time to work with it. I have no nice words for your wife. Were I you? I would do a course of ketamine and find a great lawyer. The only way to survive a narcissist, (if that is her issue) is to pack your bags, roll out, and DO NOT leave a forwarding address. I married one 30 years ago. Divorced after 14 years. BOTH of my children confirm that my ex is toxic. And toxic people are NO BUENO for folks suffering from depression.


This makes me sad. I have to say how fortunate I am. My psychiatrist (who is Brillant), my psychologist, pcp, husband and extended family all supportive. My PCP is worried about unknown long term side effects. Ketamine isn’t my first choice- i have tried every drug, TMS, ECT and nothing touches my depression. You have to live a bit for yourself and amazingly ketamine also gives me clarity. Maybe once you are feeling better you can make more definitive decision on your wife. I say you go for it. Ketamine has been God send for me. Take care of you. Good Luck


Instead of fighting each other about it, try to turn things around. Tell her you’d like to evaluate the research together as a team. You’d like to know more about potential risks and you’d like her to look at the findings you’ve dug up. You’re on the same team, so stop fighting each other and join forces to tackle this problem together.

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I feel like it’s all about your intent with Ketamine. I would imagine none of us are paying $500 a session because we want to use a street drug you could buy for a fraction of the price. Ketamine is about your intention. A lot of people on here have had a similar experience as myself. Trying to work on themselves by going through the proper channels of a psychiatrist. They prescribe you the greatest hits or a new drug that some people had success with. They tell you 2-4 weeks for efficacy. You may get insomnia, weight loss, hair loss, irritability, anger, anxiety, diarreah, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, feelings that something isn’t right, and/or suicidal thoughts. You tell them your symptoms and they say to just keep on taking them. That the side effects will subside. They never do, or they get worse, or they work until they don’t. It’s a frustrating cycle to be in when you are trying to go the traditional route being prescribed medicines by Doctors that have likely not taken any of these medications., I think everyone needs to be commended for not giving up, and seeking alternative treatment. I don’t have to take a pill every day that makes me even crazier if I miss a dose. It’s the best self therapy I’ve had in all my combined therapy sessions. Maybe your wife should read some of the comments of patients who are having success with Ketamine. You also have to wonder who is writing these articles. If I was a drug company threatened by the true efficacy of Ketamine. I would probably have a smear campaign against it. Trying Ketamine probably saved my life. I was about to give up. I’ve had the most successful year in my business, and I’ve stopped other bad habits and faced some past trauma. It’s not about getting high, It’s about getting insight into what is ailing you and in turn the drug also takes away some of the physical symptoms as well. I wish you luck. Hopefully your wife will give it more thought.


Show her positive comments on here from people who have experienced it.