Anyone have experience with psilocybin?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience with using psilocybin for therapeutic purposes? I was recently diagnosed with Complex PTSD and as someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression for my whole adult life, I’m definitely finding some relief with the Ketamine fusions. I’ve found that it’s bringing up some very painful memories from early childhood, which doesn’t make me feel “good”, but I’m hoping that it’s all part of the healing process and helping me move thru it. I’m wondering if anyone has used psilocybin for healing of memory purposes and found it beneficial? Thanks for sharing any experiences you’ve had.


Not sure if you’ve heard but Johns Hopkins has done some research with psilocybin with great success…I’m sure you could get the details on the internet.


Good idea. Thanks!

My situation is similar and all the studies i have read on psilocybin have been encouraging. I would love to try it. I have had more help from ketamine than any other medication but there remains another step to get to where u would like to be. Society moves soo slowly it could be 10 years c before this is legal.

Just fyi…Oregon has legalized Psilocybin this past November, but for use in clinical setting like Ketamine and should be available in a couple years.

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Yes, I live in Washington, DC and psilocybin was recently legalized. My concerns would be with using both Ketamine and psilocybin concurrently (not literally the same day); would it be too many hallucinogens’ for my system and potentially cause harm? I’d like to try and contact someone from Johns Hopkins and see if they have any recommendations.

Hope you guys have a good day!


It is an amazing medicine. I highly recommend it for all kinds of issues. I only recommend going through the journey with an experienced guide who will sit with you and help you get past feelings when you are stuck. It is NOT something you should ever do alone. It has been 6 months and yeah it lasts about that long and it’s time to go again. If you do extensive follow up it could last longer. Best medicine ever and you don’t need as much as ketamine nor is it as expensive. Again, DO NOT do it without a guide. And let go of all expectations of your intentions: the medicine will take you where you need to go. Enjoy it!


Weicome Pinky…the problem is getting access to it. :frowning:


Hi Pinky, thank you for your thoughtful and informative reply. It only makes me more curious and open to trying psilocybin!

I recently spoke with a therapist who guides people while on psilocybin, and she recommended weening off of all SSRI’s before taking it. She believes that they dull the experience. Kind of a bummer b/c I’m still taking Zoloft and it takes so long for me to ween off of it. I may try though.
Anyone else have thoughts about being on SSRI’s while taking psilocybin?

No because it’s not available but j have read that too - ssris etc make the psilocybin less effective. I have weaned off prozac - hoping to find psilocybin somehow.

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I tried psychedelics including psilocybin at various doses and settings, and frankly aside from a bit of nice afterglow, haven’t gotten this profound transformation many seem to report. On the other hand, ketamine seems to affect me in an entirely different way, that has been reproducibly effective for years. I’ve no doubt many do benefit from psilo, but I wouldn’t necessarily lump them together with ket both in biological MOA and subjectively. In case one does not work, it does not imply anything about the other.

Hi ebigram. Thanks for sharing your perspective about psilocybin. Sounds like it provided a nice experience but not necessarily healing for you. I’m glad the ketamine has been more helpful for you. I’ve definitely benefited greatly from my ket fusions.

Psilocybin has helped few of my close friends with their PTSD (childhood abuse related). Since it is not my personal experience, I will try to quote exactly what they have told me.

“psilocybin brought me back to the exact moment and I was seeing everything happen like in a movie” … “I felt tremendous love, not only towards the little me at that moment, but also towards the person who hurt me, as if I am able to fully understand why he/she did it to me” … “I was able to forgive him/her for what he/she did to me, and more importantly, I was able to forgive myself, for all these years I’ve felt shame/hate/anger about myself but now I just want to make peace with that me, and with all the “me’s” in every single moment of my life” … “to fully accept and love myself is the hardest part, but the experience with psilocybin has made it possible”

Another one you could look into is MDMA. It’s really good at teaching people what love is (based on my personal experience), and if “love” is one of the keys for overcoming PTSD, I think it’s worth a try.

Lastly, I agree with Pinky above that do find a qualified guide. They will be able to help you focus on your goals and overcome obstacles of the journey.


And already legalized in Oregon👍 for Dr assisted sessions like Ketamine but probably not for another couple years🙄

Yep two more years to go but hopefully everything will be straightened out and processes set up by then. Latest news says CA may follow OR to decriminalize certain psychedelics:

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Good question!

Any use of psychedelics is dependent upon 2 things in order to succeed.

*Desire to change
*Integration (doing something with the insight you receive)

Now, most of the standard psychedelics can accomplish the setting to make and integrate the changes and insight. So, that leads to the question of “how to get them”.

Research (lots of research) will lead you to many plants that are legal to own, and that you can easily make psychedelics from (although THAT part of the process, and consuming them is illegal in most areas).

You don’t need to be a chemist, there’s nothing shady about it, and it’s very easy to do with a bit of learning and practice.

…or so I’ve been told :wink:

As for my experience with them? They work. Period. But you must go into the experience with the desire to change something, or to learn something. Just getting high and tripping will rarely accomplish anything, whereas if you go into the journey with Purpose! That’s where it works.

Psilocybin is easy to obtain, the spore syringes are easy to get (just be cautious with who you get them from). Mushrooms are also very easy on the stomach.

Mescaline is also very easy to obtain and I’ve seen that the preparations are simple and only require raw material and patience.

LSD? Well, why use LSD when you can (almost) legally obtain Research Chemicals that are kissing cousins to LSD.

Research, a plan, and (yes) Talking to your pill doc! Or your counselor. I have yet to have a pill doc or counselor who can not offer some guidance, though it will be completely off-the-record. Remember, they’re as eager to use these tools and learn about them as any of us may be!

I cannot advise on any more detail than what I’ve provided…sorry!



With MDMA you just need to be careful of the “hangover”. I’ve seen it advised that people with BP1 should be very, very careful with MDMA (ecstacy).

Personally, being BP1, I can’t touch the stuff without it spinning me out of control, usually on the depressed end. I also become a LOT more reckless and suicidal.

Just a personal experience. Here are some articles that may be useful.


Never ever ever do mushrooms alone. Honestly I think you need a guide. There is empirical evidence that this is also a therapy that is really helping people! Mushrooms are different than ketamine. I had a real bad experience when I was younger. I wound up getting separated from everybody. It was bad. Psilocybin is not sedating at all. I would definitely talk to your ketamine doctor before doing both of these potential medications. Definitely don’t get into any trouble if they are illegal where you are. Honestly I think we are getting better results overall with ketamine.