Anyone have success with IV ketamine after lozenges/nasal spray didn't work

I have had treatment resistant depression for a few decades off and on. I got a prescription for ketamine lozenges a few years ago. I was taking 300 mg every few days, there was little relief. I stopped after a few months of treatment. I started nasal spray about a month ago. There is a little more relief, but not the robust help I was looking for. I have an appointment to begin IV infusions next week. I’m just wondering if its worth it. Anyone have luck with IV when nasal/lozenges didn’t work?

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I have not but if you find an infusion center that cranks up the dose you may have results… I’m doing 350mg troches at home now once a week and the infusions are so so much more powerful and Intense but I had a doc who said he hits me hard so he doesn’t stick to the regular .5mg/kg or even 1mg/kg so 4 treatments really helped … he said just give me 3 … if/when I can afford it I want to go to st Augustine Florida and do the rapid restore for 3 days in a row.

I’ve also heard a lot of stories about infusions helping - talk to your doctor since there are lots of different parameters you could change like the dose and also the frequency. Good luck!! Here to support you and best wishes :slight_smile:

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Hey ggaiera,

I wanted to follow up with you to see how IV infusions went for you, and if you were able to get the robust response that you were looking for.

Hope you are doing well

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