Anyone with neuroimmune, autoimmune, Lyme, neuroinflammatory disease?

Neuroinflammatory illness/neuroimmune illness like CIDP, Guillain-Barré, MS, can be terrible.

Has anyone had success in neuroimmune symptoms getting better after Ketamine?

No experience with any of that. Thank gods.

Welcome to Osmind. Some days I feel like we (OK, I/me) are all new here. Everything I knew yesterday might not be True tomorrow, after a clinic visit (to generalize).

If no one has an exact match, don’t give up. Try a less specific question, symptoms vs. cause of symptoms. I think I can risk a little group speak and say that most, if not all, of us have experienced some relief from depression/distress/anxiety because of ketamine therapy.

There may not be an exact match of causes, but there does seem to be a continuum of ‘similar symptoms from different causes, helped by the community therapy’.

Come on in, the water/ketamine is fine.

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