Blood pressure really high during infusion?

Has anyone else had their blood pressure get scary high during infusions. Just to clarify I wasn’t stressed at all when it happened I was relaxed and enjoying the experience.
I feel I need a booster but I’m worried about this.

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When I had my infusions, they always checked my blood pressure first. About half of the time it was high enough that they gave me some fast acting medication to lower blood pressure before the infusion (I don’t recall what it was). They also had me hooked up to a blood pressure monitor the entire time. It is definitely a danger, if your infusion place isn’t concerned about and monitoring blood pressure you might want to consider finding another provider.

Since I’ve been taking troches at home I take propranolol about 1 hour before my dose. I already had it prescribed for anxiety, it lowers my systolic blood pressure about 20 points, which is enough to keep it in the safe range.


Thank you for the information! Very helpful!

Mine is always through the roof then up and down throughout the infusion. Otherwise my BP is perfect

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My blood pressure, which is normally close to perfect, spiked. But, my nurse kept a close eye on it the entire time and said it was normal and expected.

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Hey there,
Nurse here. As you probably already know- it’s pretty common for Ketamine to increase your blood pressure during the infusion and even shortly after. I personally have low blood pressure and run 90’s/60’s without any issues. Ketamine infusions have increased my BP to 200/100’s so my CRNA has me take Clonidine (antihypertensive and sedative) 15 minutes before the infusion and my blood pressures have been fine ever since. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for responding. Just good to know I’m not alone in this

Yeah, when I first started I would freak out because I would hear the blood pressure machine go off. Then I would wake up and feel like I was dying. I couldn’t relax and it would freak me out. I finally got noise canceling air pods and that helped. Also my arms are kind of big. After my 6 infusions and several boosters they gave me a larger cuff and my blood pressure was fine. I wonder if this whole time it was fine. :rofl:. They also had me pick up a blood pressure pill the day before so I could take it before my infusión that seemed to help. Maybe ask them if they can give you that. Even if it was a placebo just taking it made me feel more relaxed.

Yeah hearing the machine freaks me out too and looking at my BP the whole time wasn’t helpful either. He is going to give me a pill for the next injection to keep my bp low.
Did you have any problems with that pill??

No issues with the pill

I did it last night and had no issues either my bp only spiked once. Then was normal again.
So was good, might be awhile until
I go back though ha

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Did you take a pill? If not, get a pill. I swear that could have given me a tic tac. Just knowing that I took it relieved my anxiety going in. I don’t need it any more. I think once you get used to it, and remember to take deep breaths when it gets intense It will lower on It’s own. I think surrendering and letting go of control and this reality is difficult. Once you are able to float away from your body and Not actively think about any stressors, they will naturally come up
In a non threatening way. Ketamine works if you let it. We all have additional work to do outside of Ketamine. Ketamine is a tool, to help you realize what you need to work on. The hardest part is actually making the changes.

Mine isn’t from the anxiety I don’t have a problem with the process I’m pretty good at letting go and just flowing with it. A lot of meds make my blood pressure spike.
I took the pill and it helped keep it under control during the treatment.
I’m glad because these treatments are helping a lot!
I agree with you we need the therapy as well to work on what comes up for sure!!


I have. They slowed the rate down & I had to breathe through it. I was fine. Just some thoughts came to the surface and I really had an emotional reaction. Was this your first infusion

The place I go now actually does not monitor blood pressure. They are all Anesthesiologists and know how ketamine works. It does not raise your blood pressure, your thoughts do.

Previous clinic I found the blood pressure cuff to be a HUGE distraction. I hated how it would disrupt the flow of my thoughts. The beeping of the machine, the scenery on the TV & the Tech babysitting me was horrible. The more spiritual your surroundings the better. I was tired of feeling like a lab rat. Now I am a patient with caring Doctor’s guiding my process.

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There are instances where the drug does raise your bp I wasn’t stressed or disturbed at all I felt completely relaxed it is a reaction to the drug. I had him turn off the beeping and he just sits there it didn’t disturb me at all. I now take medication to help my blood pressure stay down during my procedure.

I’m glad you found somewhere that works better for you!! That’s super important. I’d love somewhere more comfortable but would still feel better if my bp was monitored.

They monitor my oxygen. If that drops I need to breathe. I’m no good at meditating, but they have taught me to breathe through the rough parts. I don’t always make it & have had them stop the infusion. I wear panic button around my neck. The monitor me on a camera at all times. They want as little distractions as possible for you to stay deep enough. The BP cuff was such a distraction for me. Don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things. It took me 2 years to find this place.

Best wishes for your healing.

Hi, this is my first post! This one caught my attention because my blood pressure goes through the roof during infusions. I changed clinics because I wanted to find a provider that offered the troches and closer to my house, plus they are $50 cheaper! My Doctor gives me medication for Blood pressure and anxiety prior to the treatment. I feel like because of my blood pressure, my ketamine dosage is lower and therefore not working as well. I have an infusion every six weeks and I’ve been doing that for over a year. I am thinking of going every 4 weeks. That sick feeling of extreme depression and overwhelm are back. I am terrified I am headed into the dark again, which was an intolerable existence. I do 250 mg troches every three days. Can anyone relate?

My clinic gave me BP drugs for before as well and slowed down my infusion. Same amount of meds just slower infusion. It works for me and I only go in about every 3-4 months.
I feel for you, I hate when the darkness and anxiety return. I’m dreading it this time because I can’t afford to go back right now.
I wish you all the best figuring out what works for you!!
Ask about slowing it down.
Not that I’m a dr. Just what works for me.

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