Book List

I’ll make this quick. It is past my bedtime.

I see a lot of book mentions, and have made a few of my own, so it occurred to me that it might be handy to have a bunch of them all in one place.

So, here is another one:

Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner

One of the things I remember from this is a discussion of the anxiety and fear that come around after meditating for a while. I am reminded of that, reading people’s ketamine experiences. I guess it reminds me of something Utah Phillips once said (not quite directly comparable, but close): “When you stop running, everything you’re running from catches up and kicks you in the ass.” I take that to mean that when I quiet my mind, when the skeletons get out of the closet, when I stop running and take a stand, I have to confront all of that. But the good part of choosing to do it consciously, deliberately, is that I choose to do it on MY terms. Maybe not a very Zen description, but there it is.