Booster after loss

Hey! I’m new to ketamine And had my 6 initial infusions then a booster a few days ago. Today I received news of my sister dying from overdose. What is experience or advice on boosters after a loss?


Your situation is very close to my own last September, but in my case it was my daughter who died of an overdose. We had been estranged for years, and I found the infusion two weeks later to be a valuable aid. It helped me to process my feelings for her after her death.


Sincere condolences for your loss. I wish you comfort in your grief and peace in your memories. :blue_heart:

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@Mle2180 First, I’m so sorry for your loss. That’s heartbreaking. Sending love and healing to you and your family. :broken_heart: Second, I recently lost a close friend to Covid and had an infusion within a day or two. To be honest, I’ve found that it didn’t impact me one way or the other during the infusion because my brain is so occupied by it’s journey, I don’t think about people. I’ve kind of trained myself to live in the moment of the infusion and leave everything behind- I guess my point is, it depends on how your other infusions have been. Do you think about your problems and sadnesses/traumas during or do you intentionally shut off like I do? My time in the chair is a vacation to me and I was able to set aside my grief, which was immensely relieving.

So sorry for your loss. It is truly a battle. I lost my son last August. The worst day of my life. I have been doing Ketamine for 2 years for various mental illnesses & an attempted suicide. To deal with the grief of my son I redid the 6 infusions in 2 weeks in April. I had a booster 4-5 weeks ago, but I’m still struggling every single day. I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because honestly most days I want to join him. I wish you well & hope Ketamine helps you to grieve and come to some understanding of your loss. Not sure there is, but maybe able to accept it. I still can’t. I’m so so angry.

You might want to ask your doctor about troches if you Don’t already have them.
I would just try to be in the best state of mind possible. I know anti anxiety meds take away some of the effect, but you might want to see if they can give you a mild dose beforehand if you are worried.