Breakthrough between treatments

I just finished my third treatment. Between my second and third I was fine for 2 days and on the 3rd and 4th day I was back to step one. On the 5th day I got my 3rd infusion. My 3rd treatment was great and I am back to being energized and not needing to be in control of everything. So as treatment goes on and it starts to get spread apart. What do I do for breakthroughs?

For me, as I did the build up sessions I was good for longer periods in between. At full dose I am good for about 3 months between boosters.
Not sure what you mean by breakthroughs. If you mean “A-ha!” moments of insight, don’t force it. Let them happen. If you mean low moods that breakthrough the improvements, use the tools you gain from the ups,and learn what your timetable is like so you can time your treatments accordingly.


Thank you. My breakthrough was my anxiety just came rushing and I was overwhelmed. I know that I will still get sad and happy but not feel crushed.

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My 4th worked great!