Can Ketamine Help You Stop Smoking Cigarettes to?

Just wanted to know. I’ve only smoked 2.5 years but want to stop ASAP. Just heard it helps people get off drugs so figured it might work with cigs. I go for my first infusion Oct. 15th for major depressive disorder with anxiety and PTSD. I’ve had this since I was in 2nd grade, (mainly severe anxiety until I got older then depression set in. ) Not really sure why. The PTSD diagnosis wasn’t until my consult with Revitalist a couple weeks ago. I hope this works. Never had a hallugenic experience but I feel this is something I need to do. I honestly don’t know what happened to cause any of these problems. I know it got waaayyy more intense after my sister’s suicide last year. I’m very scared that I will see her act and the aftermath including her funeral again during the session. She jumped off a highway overpass. She struggled with drug use, even while going to and graduating from NYU Stern School of Business. I wish so bad I knew about Ketamine treatments before she did that. It could’ve been what she needed. :pensive::disappointed_relieved::pensive::disappointed_relieved::pensive::disappointed_relieved:


May you find peace and feel blessed every time you remember your sister in your life. I am glad you are doing this and glad you are here.


@LoyalLibra81 I am so happy you are trying Ketamine. It has definitely helped me. I relate so distinctly to your situation. I lost my first sister 4 years ago to overdose and my 2nd sister 18 months later also to overdose. We experienced a horrific abusive childhood, I am diagnosed with CPTSD. Although I offered to help both sisters to get into treatment, provide for them and help them get sober neither were able to take my willingness help. I say not able as the first step is they needed to acknowledge their was a problem. One sister knew it was a problem but insisted she had a handle on it (she used illegal drugs). The other sister could not even being to acknowledge a problem, after all they were prescription drugs given to her by a doctor (not completely true). It an incredibly helpless feeling to watch and not be able to help… I was essentially their Mom figure growing up however, I was only 3 & 5 years older than they were…
Not to be negative but to maybe help you prepare; under the Ketamine I did relive events around their death. Honestly, it was not easy however, I am finding some peace and ability to further acknowledge their was nothing else I could do to prevent their ultimate death.
You’ve got this! My thoughts and prayers will be with you on the 15th. Ketamine effects everyone different. Just remember it is a process, sometimes even baby steps (which is what it has been for me). With all that said, Ketamine is definitely helping me. I wish you the very best! Let us know how it goes!


@LoyalLibra81, if it’s any comfort I lost my daughter to an overdose just over a year ago. I had an infusion two weeks later, and it really helped address those feelings. We had been estranged for years, and I remember thinking to myself, “Yes, Jennifer, I really did love you.” at the height of the infusion. The entire universe seemed to twist in on itself (sorry, but I have no other way to describe it), and it moved on, that issue having been addressed.

FWIW, in 12 infusions I have never experienced a vision where the content was recognizable from real life, with the exception of a star field in my most recent infusion. People, never.


@LoyalLibra81, After a year of infusions, there’s definitely been improvement for me with regards to depression. Much like Sojourner, I’ve not seen people or scenarios. There have been times when I felt that I received a great piece of wisdom or sobbed until my minfold mask was soaked. But, no discernable situations or people. I wish you the very best.
@Deb- I wish you peace and comfort in your journey.


@gingersmom thank you! :revolving_hearts: I wish you peace and comfort as well.
I should clarify: I have seen images of my Dad’s face during ketamine (my Dad died when I was 11 months old). Connecting with him has been a clear intention for me.
What I experience of my sister’s during Ketamine is not images however, there have been moving visions that brings there names to mine. I often have visions visions that make me feel underwater, some beautiful, some dark and evil.


Thank you so much and I’m sorry for your loss.

I don’t know what I’d do if I lost a child. You are obviously pretty strong. Thank you so much for the advice.

Sojourner, I just now saw this. So hard to lose a child. I hope between the ketamine and remembering the precious life you brought into the world you find peace and if possible joy. You sound very courageous in the way you are facing this.

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@Booker, there ain’t nothing courageous about me. I’m just trying to survive and learn to perceive the world around me in a different way. But then I suppose that’s what we’re all doing. We’re just going about it differently.

But thanks for the thought.