Cannot remember my sessions…

Well, I am through four of my ketamine sessions. I am doing six IM sessions over two weeks. My first two sessions were frightening and my anxiety pulled me out of both sessions about half way through. I kept thinking I would never see my children again and I panicked.

Sessions 3 and 4 I was given Versed to calm my anxiety and I have ZERO recollection of the sessions. Like legitimate amnesia from the Versed.

I feel significantly better but would love to actually know what is happening during my therapy. Am I getting the full benefits of the therapy if I cannot remember any of it?!

I have sessions five and six this week and I just want them to feel successful. Thanks all!! You’ve been a wonderful help thus far:)

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@Jackiehilltx, I am going to assume you don’t have a psychotherapist sitting with you throughout your session to facilitate keeping a records of your verbal (and sometimes behavioral) response to the ketamine, and discussing it with you after the treatment is completed.
Well, I have an idea. Make a audio recording of your session with your phone, -you don’t have to tell them-that way you can hear afterwards whatever came out of your mouth, anything you heard you said could tentatively create a recollection of the experience…