Catching the Ketamine wave or frequency

Does anyone else feel like your mind has to be in a certain head space to have a good session? I feel like it’s like I’m surfing and if I don’t catch the wave/consciousness/frequency at just the right moment I end up in between regular consciousness and altered consciousness and it’s never a good place to be. I feel like it doesn’t work as well those times and sometimes I can have a negative experience. Has anyone experienced this?

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Absolutely. I try to meditate beforehand on positive things. It greatly enhances the quality of the infusions astronomically.

I mentioned this exact thing at treatment today. I’m an old timer with Ketamine Infusion, but changed providers due to this very thing that can happen. Your Journey each session can start on a tightrope/balance beam. The new provider has brought me so much new awareness. I’m no longer hooked up to a machine for an hour, but they talk me into the journey before leaving the room. It’s more now about using my mind to heal myself. A spiritual journey. No Buddah or anything. I have never been a Spiritual person, but dang it took me 3 years to find out how important that part is to the healing of your brain. I told them that when they leave to watch for the next 20 seconds to a minute because I can fall off the beam into a bad journey very easily. I asked them to please come back in if they see this and to redirect me. What a huge difference this has made! This Center also puts a mindful mask on you, and the most incredible frequency music I have ever heard. The mask takes all distractions away, but can freak you out a little. You can open your eyes in the mask, which makes a huge difference than a blindfold.

I get what you are saying completely. Please try to make it a spiritual journey to heal your mind and soul. They give me homework, and it’s tough because I’m a horrible meditator. Watch HeadSpace on Netflix. I go at a slow pace with it and even go back to the beginning of the series. It will help you so much.

Remember a Journey, not a Doctor’s Appointment.

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