Considering Inpatient trauma with ketamine

I’m finishing up with my 6th infusion tomorrow. I’m vacillating between enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient trauma treatment that will continue ketamine treatment program after this: I suspect they will do the keta traques when I finish but I think - for the First time in my life - Go deeper and really do the work to deal with the trauma.

The suicidal ideations are gone - the reason I tried this treatment- I have PTSD and complex trauma PTSD. I am so grateful - as I’m better, to be sure.

Also gone is the desire to return to my life as productive member of society. Before I was a driven workaholic. The treatments have shown me that I am ensnared in relationships - chaos has always been my norm.

I see toxicity in my work as a full time traveling engineer and in 95% of my friends and family). It’s like I have just hit the tip of the trauma iceberg.

I have spent my whole life just medicated and dealing with it not at all.

Do I go for more in depth treatment? If so where?

Thank you for reading.


@Authorfight8, Hi! What exactly is considered complex trauma PTSD?

There is a specific therapeutic approach that deals with trauma (relational and developmental trauma more so than wartime/combat trauma). You can find information about treatment at