Yumpin’ yiminy, this place is dead.

“How dead is it, Sojo?

It’s so dead that the night clubs double as funeral parlors.

Ba da bing…sheesh. Come on, people.


I know REALLY!!! LOL I’m always checking in…this app gives me so much support!!! I’ve asked the Osmind Team if we could have a chat room on the app…


Halloooooo!!! (Seinfeld fans, anyone?) :wink:

I’m new here! Feel free to stir things up!

I’m a ketamine patient; I’ve had like 4 infusions now.
Nice to “meet” y’all!


Hi, Juliawww. Welcome to the only online forum I’m aware of where all of the participants are by definition dysfunctional, with the possible exception of a couple of medical students and the Osmind facilitators, but I’m not sure about them, either. :wink:


That was funny Sojourner…:rofl:

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I can’t help it, Jim. There’s a part of me that can’t help but see clearly what’s going on around me - kind of a Cassandra complex - and if that doesn’t depress someone, then they just ain’t paying attention.


Haha hi Sojourner!

Yes I guess so… I am in more than one “clubs where nobody wants to be a member!”

You guys seem to have a sense of humor so I hope we can all embrace it and use it to help us move forward!

Sending “pink light” to all,

Julia I


Lol Sojourner! Well I come from a dysfunctional family - suspect there are a lot of ‘em out there.

Ran across an interesting quote in “Ask Amy” yesterday… (I read all the WaPo advice columns when I can):

She replied: “ Lovelorn: I seem to remember an advertisement from back in the day that used this catchphrase: “Normal is what’s normal for you.” “

However this lady was clearly in an unhappy marriage and she counseled her thusly.

Happy New Year, all! :slight_smile:


AMEN Sojo…lately I just put on my headphones and listen to music that I love…shuts it ALL OUT!!!

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Hi Juliawww & WELCOME!
I know I came from a very loving home, but dysfunctional family…functional alcoholic father, etc. Are all families dysfunctional…guess at varying levels???


Yeah, boy…we put the FUN in dysfunctional in my family. NOT!!

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I’m with you on the music, Jim. Not much into headphones though, for anything other than infusions…

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Nice speakers there…headphones just seem to help me escape more lol

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Headphones are better for isolating from all outside stimuli. Over time, I’ve found that’s probably not a good road for me. Besides, a well set up system provides a far more realistic soundstage. But it’s really not good for me to retreat into the headphones. Don’t ask me how I know that… :roll_eyes:

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I’ve been using headphones more since the infusions hoping it will take me back to the K experience and my wife isn’t a fan of loud music…and for me the louder the better!!!:rofl:

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Aaand we’re back to crickets again…

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I’m out here buddy… :rofl::rofl:

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Lol! I know what u mean!

Oh, alcoholic dad too? Unfortunately mine was only functional before I was born up to the time about two years after. Haha!

Yes some of the family “D” dribbled down to me.
(Rec: “The Big D” by Gary Gulman, stand up)

No, seriously, I am very sorry to hear about your dad. A lot of alcoholics out there, esp in that generation.

Had my infusion today… was fun! But if I told you what happened over the weekend that would sound horrible…

Hey Julia…think I missed ur last reply…what happened…only if u wanna share. ; )

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