Crying during treatment

My first treatment Was yesterday and I did not have a bad experience, but I did cry like a baby for about 10 minutes uncontrollably. Has anyone else had an experience like that?

I cried pretty fiercely at my 3rd session after coming back from the experience when processing with my therapist. It was a good release for me as it was never okay to cry as a kid. I have felt those terrified feeling of what happened the couple times I tried to cry as a kid any time I get emotional as an adult and immediately cut off the tears. It has produced a serious disconnect to feelings. Even though it felt scary to experiencing crying, it was in a safe environment with a caring person and was a huge break through for me!


I cried through my first 2 treatments, of course it did not seem good at the time, after my initial 6 treatments my depression and suicidal thoughts subsided. I have been back for one “touch up” after a severe anxiety attack, I wish I never had to go back, however, I thank God for the positive changes!
Praying for all!

I wish I knew exactly what I was hysterical about. My provider said it was a good thing. I was so exhausted afterwards I went home and slept until the 2 in the afternoon the next day. I’m nervous for my 2nd treatment. My heart rate went up, blood pressure up and oxygen down. I guess I do have a lot of childhood trauma. I hope it gets easier. When did you notice that it was helping?

I said to my therapist the exact same thing, I wish I knew why I am so upset and crying. I experienced some extreme child hood trauma. My therapist said to me, it doesn’t matter exactly what this reason is, you have a lot to cry about…

I have had that happen.

Just offering my 2 cents here but I imagine you have disconnected to the heartache, and the cause(s) of it as a defense mechanism. Maybe the release (crying) is ambiguous currently because the loadout is so huge. I imagine as you continue to release you will find your connections to it.


Thank you, jacobkaine. That makes a lot of sense.

I cried in all 6 sessions. Something hard other times soft. I believe my body was releasing a lot of very old pain. The soul was getting a second chance at appreciating life. I’d often say things like “ creator god, thank you, I see now we are all connected. I’m not alone. Death is not a solution but just a part of the circle of life. Deep truths, as they emerged were always accompanied with fresh hot tears. I often left feeling drained and a little loopy. I too slept after each session. I don’t think it’s bad to cry. Tears are the body and souls way of washing away trauma, pain, hurt, bitterness, envy, strife, confusion, anger, hate, mistrust. The list is endless. I’d also cry at beautiful nature scenes. ( we played them in sessions). Seeing the magnificent world in which we live made me feel like I was truly a part of it. Feeling a part of anything was so foreign for so long. I had many good reasons to shed tears. It was a transformation in me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Buy stock in kleenex…more tears to come.

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I haven’t cried in an infusion. I’ve almost cried afterwards, but when I take troches at home I’ve cried several times. I was “taught” to keep my emotions inside. Not healthy. I’m afraid my son has learned from me. Crying is good. It normally relieves some anxiety.