Decreased effects

Has anyone had very variable effects of the drug, independent of dosage? Sometimes it rocks my world, other times it does almost nothing. Perhaps related to food intake? It doesn’t seem to be a tolerance issue, as it happened in my second session. It happens sometimes with the lozenges but not at other times.

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For me? Empty stomach is a key factor. The other factor for me is no distractions. I fire up different types of music on the noise canceling headphones, and use an eye mask as well. Lastly? If it is an infusion that I am doing? I clear the day. I tell people I am “off the grid”, and I spend time before the infusion getting relaxed and calm. That seems to help.


I agree with the empty stomach part! On infusion days I only drink coffee with creamer. (I don’t ever experience nausea with K). But having an empty stomach is super important for me when doing troche sessions at home. Even if I’m actively hungry I’ll go ahead and “Begin the Great Swish”. My hunger disappears when it takes effect anyway. Eating puts my body in “digest and detox” mode so the troches barely do anything if my stomach isn’t totally empty. I also keep it in my mouth as long as possible for max absorption through oral mucosa.

Also they tell me "set and setting " are critical for getting consistent results. I use a playlist, incense/perfume and have a seating area specifically for trips.

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I’m really surprised that my doc didn’t mention this. I even suggested that food might dampen the effects, but she thought it was me devoting a tolerance.

Try a bolus upfront if receiving an infusion. Works for me.


Empty stomach and relaxing ahead of time for me, too. I don’t eat or take any of my other meds that day (ask your doc if that’s okay for you). Drink tea and do things that bring me joy. I also clear my schedule afterwards because I don’t want to have anxiety about what I have to do once I get home. It makes me try to come down too fast and do the “next thing.”

Sorry I’m dumb, but in this context what is a “bolus”? I only know the term as food in the digestive tract.

Basically a push of a certain amount of the Ketamine upfront and the remaining dosage runs its course.