Do you maintain your regular meds during your infusions

Do you still continue with your old antidepressants while on the ketamine?

I just went on here to ask the same question. I hope you get some answers.

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I started ketamine on my antidepressants, but have been weaned off all of them. Ketamine works so much better for me than any antidepressant ever has and my psychiatrist agrees, so he took me off of them.


I am also off the antidepressant now that I am on Ketamine.

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I was on mine until recently. Just ketamine now.

Yes, but I had to make an unforeseen adjustment when starting the ketamine because it seemed to be like, super-charging my Wellbutrin to where I got such bad anxiety after taking it I felt like I was about to get on stage in front of a thousand people. So I had to stop taking it, but it wasn’t really helping me very much anyway.

I have been getting off my traditional medications one by one for the past year and a half in an effort to weed out what wasn’t working/was causing unacceptable side effects. I am down to low-ish doses of only two psych meds now, but my ketamine provider doesn’t want to destabilize my mood now that I’m seeing results, so we are just leaving my meds where they are for now.

I just finished my first 6 infusions and have stayed on my meds, but am in process of weaning off. Right now I’m going of Adderall and it’s tough. Anyone have experience with Adderall and Ketamine?

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I have weened myself off of all of my meds except half of my adderall, and Ativan. I would not ever advise doing this yourself but it was a must for me. I don’t take adderall on days that I have infusions and it keeps me somewhat stable between infusions. My Dr uses it for co-morbidity or SI.

Same for me. I’m on half dose of Adderall and don’t take it on days that I’m getting infusions. I have other meds right now that I haven’t tried to decrease yet, and am working with my doc.

Two weeks ago, I had 2 infusions. The following week (last week), I decreased my Adderall by 10mg a day. It was a real struggle for me and I’ve been debating if that’s the Adderall withdrawal or if the ketamine only worked for me for a few days…