Does anxiety during treatment go away?

Hey everyone. My first treatment was Tuesday and as predicted, she gave me slightly more than the normal amount for my body weight. I was coherent most of, if not the whole time. I was also very anxious- which was definitely the ketamine, because I wasn’t anxious about the infusion itself beforehand. So, today, she’s planning on giving me way more… is the anxiety going to be way more or will I likely check out and not feel it? I don’t want to panic. Thanks.

No reason to be nervous. No reason for her to give you more than you are comfortable with. I believe should ask you if you want to increase. If the hallucinations make you afraid you should be able to receive clonazepam to reduce them. Good luck. Relax. Close your eyes in a dark room and dig your music and remember this has a great chance of making you feel better fast.

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You can ask for them to go down on the dose. My 6th treatment was way to much for me and I had an SI (suicidal ideation) moment a few days later, and just felt off. My 7th “booster” I asked my doctor if she could please give me a lower dose and that was a lot better. I actually felt great afterwards (even though I cried a lot during treatment). Write down what is giving you anxiety during the treatment but I tell myself the things that randomly come up during treatment is what I need to address. So let the thought come, and note it. I like the treatments because it allows me not to obsess on one thought.
I hope your treatment went/goes well!!

FWIW I’ve never had anxiety associated with an infusion.