Does anyone who currently takes compounded nasal spray have any advice for me?

I’m going to be frank, I’m very tired so I’m doing talk to text. At the end of 2019 I had started getting the infusions and I did receive them up until about the time of my father‘s passing in May of this year.

Now at sometime around December the clinic prescribe me troches to help me extend time between visits to get IV treatments. I was given kind of my own discretion she allowed me to take two 100 mg troches Any days I wanted for up to a total of 10 troches per week.

I have been switched to a new provider and told that the troche provider is only giving it for pain. I will be receiving the equivalent amount per month in a compounded nasal spray.

The psychiatric nurse practitioner sent me a message today to let me know that I will likely have to experiment with my dosage. Currently I would have to do five sprays (.1ml each) in each nostril over the course of 15 minutes.

I feel like that is quite an impossible dose to get a stick in your nose. I also understand that you’re not supposed to sniff it towards your sinuses but rather toward your septum; does anyone have any advice for this?

Basically I am soliciting any and all advice experiences and stories regarding the compounded nasal spray. Thank you

Sorry, no advice, just started the spray as well, and I am just as confused! Following…

The sinus spray does nothing for me except irritate my nasal passages. I haven’t tried troches.

I was prescribed a nasal spray with a dosage of 100mg/ml. I could use it as needed every 4 hours, up to 6 days a week. It really helped me alot, but I moved recently and couldn’t find a new doctor in my new area who would treat me with it.

I have now begun doing Spravato treatments. They are helping me too, but not quite as much as the generic ketamine spray did. Is there anyone who is being treated with generic ketamine nasal spray in the western part of the country? I’m afraid I may have to switch back if Spravato doesn’t work out, & there doesn’t seem to be too many doctors who work with the nasal spray.

Please let me know if you find the compound nasel spray helpful. I had an infusion on Wednesday and feel rotten today. Hmm I usecthecsprayveverybnight

I was frustrated the first few times I used it. My doc upped the number of sprays, and that helped.

Yes I take 2?in each nostril once at night. I should take 4 but for some nose down my face even though I put my heaback reason 4 run

Run out of my nose🤔