Dosage help!

I have my last treatment tomorrow and I would love to actually remember it… I have no recollection after my treatment about anything during my session.
I thought it was from taking Versed to calm me before the therapy but I didn’t take Versed on Monday and I still cannot recall ANY aspect of the treatment.

Please help. Is this a dosage issue? I’m up to 130mg broken into two 65mg injections 15 minutes apart.

Should I ask to have the dose lowered? Raised? It’s my last shot at this tomorrow and I really want to have some memory of the session.

Thanks ALL:)


Use your phone to make a video of your session.


I did on Monday for session five and I didn’t move a muscle.

I believe it will still work whether you remember or not. I got infusions and not injections with therapist present for 1 hour of it. I can recall general themes, feeling terror at what I was seeing which was a mishmash of incidents that caused PTSD for me for years. I know I have times I don’t remember as well for it seemed the therapist would vanish at some point without my realizing it and seemed to appear the same way. So I understand the desire to remember I also know that I have set aside memories that were bringing me down. Could it be that the ketamine is protecting you from remembering bad things?

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I would definitely talk to your doctor about this and explain to him exactly the way you are to us. Ketamine is dosed by weight. He should be able to adjust it up or down to achieve better results.