Drugs that Block Effectiveness Of Ket

I’ve recently been made aware of a number of drugs that block or partially block the effectiveness of Ket.

Most recently Cymbalta and Effexor are considered at least partial blockers. Both of these are SNRI’s I’m wondering if this is true of all SNRI’s??

I’m currently trying to find a new antidepressant and my psychiatrist wants me to try Fetzima, also an SNRI.

I have recently had to stop Pristiq (SNRI) after taking for 7 years, the last 2 being in conjunction with Ket Infusions. Pristiq was just no longer working for me. I have a history of antidepressants only working for about 3-5 years before they just stop helping. I’ve just had 2 really bad experiences with Trintellix and Viibryd and am now somewhat stabilized by getting more frequent Ket Infusions. So I am worried about starting Fetzima.

Thoughts anyone??

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I have mentioned it a few other places, but that is similar to my experience. You have more patience than I do. I haven’t taken all of the antidepressants, mostly SSRIs. They would work for a while, then drop down a bit and plateau.

My clinic says not to take them day of treatment in order to get full effect. I have recently been able to stop my SSRI completely (with doctor approval) because of ketamine. My “head med” doc isn’t my ketamine provider. I have talked with him about the ketamine, both before and since treatment. He is fully supportive. His institution does provide IV ketamine and spray, but he has never pushed that on me. He isn’t quite as cynical about Big Pharma as my clinic doc, but he gets it. My clinic does IM and troches.

@TreeTopp2020 I too experience some significant side effects to SNRI and SSRI. There is an old antidepressant call Serzone (nefazadon) that did work for me. I took it for many (15) years successfully. I stopped taking it before K treatment as it was no longer working for me. It also became harder to get once the pandemic started (not sure if it is related). It may be something to look into.

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I have searched for information on Cymbalta and ketamine and couldn’t find anything. I’m curious about this as I am on 120mg daily as well as Buspar and 0.5mg of Klonopin 3x daily. Having been on these for years, I don’t think I should stop, but personally think slowly tapering down (at least) would be helpful. I don’t take the Klonopin the night before, day of, and morning after treatment because I know that can interfere. Also, I feel that I need less after treatment.

Has anyone else been on any or all of these? If so, what are your thoughts and experiences?

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Wow. It sounds as if you have had many different antidepressants, so have I. I think the one I’ve had the longest is Wellbutrin crazy . iOS just canceled my 13 th infusion because I don’t know if they’re having an effect worth all the money. I’m not finished yet I’ll have another because I think they help . I just don’t know how much


@Rafael Actually, that report was not entirely true. I just stopped taking Serzone two months ago. Serzone is an old prescription that has been widely used due to few side effects. While there is a risk to the liver, that was typically through high dosing over long periods of time. The scare in 2003 came when a woman taking Serzone died of liver failure. It was later discovered she had multiple health issues and was consuming alcohol, multiple comorbities.
With that said, I do know the pandemic did interfere with the production of Serzone and due to they multitude of new products for depression it is not commonly prescribed any more.


@Deb, thanks for the clarification.

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The two things I have personal experience with which diminished ketamines effectiveness were alcohol and lion’s mane. (Either the mushroom or the supplement.

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Yeah, my referring psych practitioner said to definitely avoid alcohol beforehand. Said Ket amplified the depressive effects and tended to make it a negative experience.


@umalmahay-Utah Just curious, what does Lion’s Mane treat or what is it’s purpose?

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@umalmahay-Utah Thank you for sharing this information. I had never heard of Lion’s Mane before.

I have also heard that Lamictal decreases the effectiveness of the treatments I was told this by a provider I was considering going to.

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At your clinic where you receive infusions, is there someone there that could give you a more expert opinion? Or your prescribing doc or both regarding medications that might block the effectiveness of Ketamine? I am not diminishing any opinions expressed so far but, for your sake, I hope someone with a license that is treating you is guiding you in this based on research to date. The reason I say that is if you make a med change on your own you want some professional who agreed with you to make the change to help you if you get a crash or mood crisis. I think it is fantastic to ask our experience as we are in the same space as you are with treatments. I also have tried nearly every psychotropic drug that promised me an end to some of my symptoms and then either not work or fail after working for several years. But I guess I want you to have someone that can be there to help you and that you can hold accountable if you have a bad effect, someone who has a medical duty to consider your case.
I had to completely stop a medication as advised by the clinic and let it get out of my system before I could get infusions. When they told me that I checked with my doc who agreed. In this case there would have been a very bad result had I stayed on it as it works on the same receptors and was given to me after a head injury. I would have never guessed it on my own. Just be careful with you. Sounds like they did weigh in but that you sense something is wrong or you would be feeling better? maybe the people responsible for treating you should also research it some more as well? Do you have a good relationship with your pharmacist? I have gotten good guidance there as well. Good luck and please let me or us know what you find out.

I’m curious because I also take lions mane and get infusions. How much lions mane were you taking? How long did it take for it to get out of your system? And did you feel your infusion’s were more effective after you stopped taking it?