During ketamine treatment

What a wonderful, wild experience! I just had my first session and am wondering what is the best use of time during this treatment. Is it more productive to think through issues or sit back and enjoy?! Any best practices to make the most out of this treatment?

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IKR? I was sent to another dimension. I couldn’t even control my experience so I didn’t even try. I just laid back and let it unfold. Music is important imo. Also prepping yourself leading up to each infusion by watching positive things.

I think the medicine does it’s job on your neurons regardless of how your experience goes.


I meditate and remind myself I am safe before my treatments. I definitely stopped trying to control what happened in the infusions. I did that for the first one and my mind fought me. So I went in with a clear head. After I quickly changed to only instrumental music. The experience was amazing. My last infusion I actually had time with my best friend who past. It will be 1 year on the Fourth of July since her accident. The kept her alive until the 7th for organ transplant harvest. So getting to have time with her no matter how it worked was amazing.


I am so sorry for your loss. That does sound amazing!

It was amazing. I guess my practitioners heard me telling her to stay with me. I was soaked in tears but letting my Ming go and getting that experience I am so grateful for.


Just sit back let the music guide your experience and only if you get a little panicky do you tell yourself it’s not real just feels like it. Personally I love it when I get that floating feeling or my chair swells into a moving balloon under me🙃


Aww, I am so glad that you had that healing and release. That is really profound. I applaud your bravery to face and process the pain of that loss. Much love to you. :sparkling_heart: