Emotional detachment after k?

I posted earlier that I recently had 2 infusions in 2 days. Trying this again after failure last year. It’s been 2 days since last infusion and I just feel emotionally detached. Not in a good way. I feel unable to have emotions. Where is all my daily crying? I’m not happy or sad or even angry. I am maybe just numb? If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know it will pass (I hope). I never did psychedelic drugs earlier in life and I’m afraid it hurting not helping my brain. Supposedly it should be out of my system I think but I feel numb and drugged in a way

I’m not a doctor but when I feel like this it usually has to do with what’s going on in my life. I sort of shut down when things get creamy. If you’re not depressed I’d ride it out, get sleep, hydrate and make sure I’m getting all my meals in. Lack of sleep and dehydration can have a huge impact on how you feel mentally. Try to avoid anything that might have negative content and limit time on social media. Get outside and force yourself to keep busy. This might be things you already know and are doing. I’ve had time when this didn’t help me too but it has helped on occasion.

Thanks. I’m trying these things. The sleep issue is a real problem though. My brain just doesn’t shut down.

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I have had sleep problem for the longest time. I suffer with arthritis and that’s been kicking my butte as of late. I feel like you described often because of it.

I don’t know… my regular meds especially the med cannabis don’t seem to be working now for sleep. I’m concerned ketamine had a negative brain impact. I’m here in the first place as I can’t tolerate any other drugs and maybe I can’t tolerate this either. I have no idea. I just don’t like how I feel and that I can’t sleep and I have to work tomorrow.

I’m not sure if Ketamine impacts sleep. Did you sleep ok before you ketamine treatments?

I didn’t sleep ok but I managed to control sleep with the help of med cann before which now isn’t working. I have been weaning back my benzo as they impact efficacy but I don’t think that is the sleep
Culprit and I don’t think benzo was ever my sleep med. but maybe it was and cutting it back is impacting? I’m my own dr on this stuff because the drs don’t know it seems and this is “learn as we go” or whatever

@Kevin, I also suffer from inflammatory arthritis; some odd flavor with a name as long as your arm. The NSAIDs prescribed by a rheumatologist damn near killed me, but eventually I found a group of supplements that put it into remission. I do know that emotional upheaval can (and does, in my case) trigger a flair. Two years ago, going down stairs was kind of a controlled crash with a death grip on the railings. Now I can descend stairs leading with the ball of my foot without holding the railing at all. I can PM the supplement list to you if you have interest.

@Lovebeach, the whole ketamine thing seems to be a little bit of a wild west show out there. Since this is an off-label application, every clinic and provider seems to be doing their own thing. Some appear to have it down better than others, but there aren’t any standardized protocols in place, as far as I can tell. Maybe with time, the process will be refined. Or maybe it will just become more regulated, by some (hopefully) well meaning but ignorant legislators, which is by no means a good thing.

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I would appreciate that, thank you