Energy? Focus? Motivation?

Tomorrow is my first treatment and I’m praying for at least a shift in energy, focus, and motivation. Will I have to walk through mud and cry every morning still?


Unfortunately nobody has the answer. You will only know after the infusion. My experience and what I’ve seen on this platform is it takes at least 3-4 for results to take place. There have been cases where a person gets relief after the first infusion. The common them seems to be “everybody is different”.


How was your first infusion, how do you feel?

I feel a wee bit nauseous and dizzy. Can’t tell quite yet what the positive overall feeling is yet. Thanks for asking. Hope to feel more clear tomorrow


I hope tomorrow is a brighter day!

If you let go and enjoy you will find relief during the first infusion. It lets you get away from all those bad feelings and look at them from a different perspective. Just that alone is totally helpful in starting a person to feel better!

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