Eyes- closed or open

I’ve done both at varying times during the infusion…

this summer I’ve begun therapy during infusions and am hesitant to close my eyes while someone in the room (PTSD).

Just curious as to what you have found works best for you.

I prefer to use eye coverings which block out all light but allow me to keep my eyes open.

If having someone directly in the room is keeping you from being able to relax into your infusion, can you ask them to wait until after the infusion to come in and work with you? I can see having them there if you find that comforting.

I know in my case if someone is in the room my attention is strongly focused on them (never occurred to me that it is part of PTSD but now it makes sense). It really inhibits my ability to relax and disassociate. I realized this with my first infusion.

Just wanted to update with my opinion of the Mindfold eye coverings - I agree that they are great. This was my first infusing using them - have been using a different eye covering that worked fine but not as well. I really appreciated the depth of the eye openings in the Mindfold - even wearing mascara I did not feel eyelashes brushing against the cover. They did an outstanding job of blocking all light. My only “complaint” would be that in the best position to block out light around my nose they did seem to slightly compress my nasal passage. But hey, I have a relatively large nose so nothing is perfect. :slight_smile:

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My treatments are an IM injection, one every 30 minutes, x 3. My clinic has a pretty nice view, so I will keep my eyes open for a while. Eventually, I close my eyes, pull my hat down over my eyes. Covered or closed, at that point, I am usually so ‘out of it’ that it probably doesn’t matter. I am certainly more comfortable with them closed.

Not a criticism. They don’t provide much more than the medication. But in a way, that may be a help. Without any prompts, it is just me and my mind. I am responsible for my own progress…"Here it is, son. What do you think? What are you going to do about it? Lets make this work. As my Dear Old Dad would say, If there is no other way, there is no better way.

This phrase might “out” me…You have the goal…Get There.

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I have been getting K infusions for depression for about 2 years. I like to find different YouTube abstract videos with visuals like jellyfish changing colors, lava lamp type bubbles, nature scenery etc to watch along with music for my infusions. I have even watched these videos with VR goggles. I also just sometimes close my eyes.

Anyone else who watches abstract visual video during infusions? What r your thoughts?

I keep my eyes closed for the most part… when I open my eyes during an infusion, every time I blink my vision is spinny/uncomfortable. It’s like it ripples upwards with the movement of my eyelids, like a shaky slideshow. So I prefer to keep them closed.

I only close my eyes. If I open them it takes me a second to get back to disassociation. I prefer closed and dark as possible. Most of the time I’m out of it to the point of not being able to open them.

I have never tried to watch anything during my injections. I get plenty of abstract visuals inside my eyelids.

When I first got my troches I would watch video of flying through star fields, one that is NASA video of a satellite’s eye view of a real time orbit of Earth.

I did a post about a recent experiment I did with a recent troche regarding Brion Gysin’s dreamachine.