Fantastic, thought-provoking film about mental "illness."

Friends, I think you will all find this documentary film incredibly illuminating and eye-opening, as I did. I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with the filmmaker today. It gives a completely different perspective on all that is wrong with how we “treat” mental illness in the West.


What a great topic!!!

I will be sure to take a look at the film you linked.

Throughout my journey there have been a few films that resonated…
As Good As It Gets takes the cake.

And speaking of cake…Jennifer Anniston portrayed depression AND pain in Cake. That movie changed my life.

Noteworthy films also include The Aviator and A Beautiful Mind.

Since I’m isolated and don’t watch much TV, I don’t realize how many out in the world are afflicted. These movies not only opened my eyes but gave hope.

Thanks for starting the discussion.

Anyone else have a movie that spoke to them on a deep level?


Robin Williams in the movie I think called Patch Adams. I know, ironic isn’t it. We all seem to want to help others after we struggle with our own demons to feel like we’re of use to society and to bring comfort that we may not have gotten the way we wanted. That was the major takeaway I got from that movie.


@yoginichica Watched the Crazy Wise documentary today and yes I agree it is thought provoking and relatable while sad in the sense that not everyone has a happy ending as the subjects in the film. But, this could be just what some of us need to see more of. Right before watching it I listened to the audiobook “As a Man Thinkith” by James Allen from 1903. It’s amazing to me how even then there were a few intelligent people who’s work is as relevant and true today about how we we think and perceive our lives. Dr. Carolin Leaf puts James Allen’s insightful observations in scientific form in her book “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess”. I have no idea if the two are even related and if Dr. Leaf used his book and ideas, but with brain scan images and scientific methods shows that Allen was on to something. The documentary showed the same thing as far as if you can get people to think positive and maintain that freedom of truth without ridicule they change for the better. Thank you for sharing that documentary.


oh wow! Just the other day I ordered that same book from Amazon. As A Man Thinkith.
During a Tony Robbins event called Unleash The Power Within just this past weekend. That book came up having made an impression on Tony. His seminars have helped tremendously, more than any antidepressant or therapy (outside infusions)

I’m looking forward to reading the book!