Fast Forward Infusion Session?

Okay - so curious if anyone has had this happen and trying to figure out what might have caused it.

Wednesday I had my first booster - and it was like the whole infusion was on fast forward. When I have an infusion, as far as I can tell I go through the same exact series of visual effects in the same order. No matter what my brain may be thinking about or what mantra I am repeating to myself the scenery never changes. Obviously I have no idea why.

So on Wednesday… it was like everything was sped up like crazy. I even “sobered up” faster/earlier than usual. The dosage was 5mg more than my last infusion, about a month ago.

I did try listening to a different soundtrack which included faster tempo music - hey, have to experiment at least a little. I noticed that i only really “heard” the music through about the third song which was the most uptempo of the playlist.

Then again, maybe after a month I had less tolerance and it was borderline high dosage?

Again - not any kind of urgent topic but curious about the very obvious difference (same scenery, different speed!) and if any of you have had the same happen. The clinic is always curious about our experiences so they can keep learning so I’d love to have a theory to pass along.

I had a similar experience but at 5th infusion I think. It was like it didn’t last long and the disassociation wasn’t there and it just felt like a waste of time but it worked anyway because I had several weeks that were good afterwards.

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Yes, I think it was still very effective - it was my first booster and I think it was actually an incremental improvement overall. But such a strange, disconcerting journey. Thanks for your input!

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