Feeling a little more sad after booster over 1 week later. Anyone else have this?

Anyone else have this experience?

I’m doing all the things, eating healthy, resting, therapy, processing.

The center said to wait 2 weeks for the troche. Would it be a mistake to try one now? What was your experience? It’s 100 mg and I’m super nervous because the last time I had these I barfed everywhere (it was from a different compounder so they encouraged trying again but still makes me feel a little sick thinking about the memory)

Going to ask clinic just curious about your experience.

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Yeah, I just had a booster and took troches a couple days later. Ketamine is finicky. I never have the same experience or results. I would ask your doctor. If I need it I take it. I waited too long on my booster because of the cost, but I need to just do it if I have the money. My mental health affects everything.

You may want to cut it in half. Let Half dissolve and take the other half. Make sure you don’t eat or drink anything. If you have to do them at night make sure it’s been at least 4 hours for food and 2 hours for liquids. I never get nauseous. I make sure to follow what my doctor tells me. I would also create a playlist if you haven’t yet. There is one on Spotify called Ketamine Initiation. I started with that one and removed and added songs. Mine is Ketamine Voyage. Try not to open your eyes and ride it out the whole way or you may be disoriented. Hopefully that helps.

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I got the music and relaxing part down. Binaural beats and totally camped out in bed. Dark. Ambient fan. Setting the intention.

But I just can’t handle the troches. Under tongue, in cheek, dissolved first then swished. I reached out to the clinic and they said to go ahead and try half of one I cut it up small so it would disolve faster but just had to hork it all back up. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an empty stomach or not. Even just thinking about it right now I can feel my stomach get queezy and come up in my throat. Ack I don’t know how anyone can take these things!

I’m really hoping they let me try again a different way. I feel so held hostage by myself right now. It sucks.

Sorry you had a hard time coming back to baseline after your booster too. I’m worried maybe it just doesn’t work for me anymore. There’s no way I would do the IV every week. The at home spray stuff was such a life saver though. :confused:

Thank you for your thoughtful reply

It took me several boosters with therapy before i started to feel better. I was pretty down and off course waited longer than i should have. Now about a year later - still in therapy and maintaining ok with troches. The troches are helpful but they r more subtle. I had only been using them when i felt really down but my provider suggested use them weekly and i think it has helped. If i could do better with getting to sleep earlier - that would help i think.


I really can’t afford the IV boosters anymore. Also I think I was managing way better at home using the spray. Hopefully they let me try something else that won’t make me barf. I only did the IV again because they told me I had to in order to continue with the at home regimen.

Wishing you all blessings and success.


Same thing with me. I didn’t want to abuse the troches so I was going as long as I could before I would take them. Then life gets in the way with work, and you go even longer. My provider said to take them twice a week and set up a schedule so I knew when I would be taking them and then set up a booster every month until we got things under control. That actually did with for a little while, but again life/work gets in the way. I’m a Realtor so when I have to work I have to work. I can’t write contracts or talk to clients after troches. I’m kind of trying to get things back together myself. Hit a rough patch recently with this crazy world we live in.


Maybe keep it in your mouth and slowly swallow some of it down so it’s not hitting your stomach all at once. The other thing you may want to try is different troches. Apparently a lot of people were complaining about the ones compounded locally because of the taste, they wouldn’t dissolve, and the efficacy after a while wasn’t as great. We get ours mailed from a place in Texas. They costs a little more, but they dissolve quickly and you can pull a little of the sticker off just to get the one or two you need. The other one was in squares and every time you opened the plastic they were all exposed. Just a thought. Not sure what yours are like. The taste of the last ones wasn’t pleasant and did make some people sick.

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I’ve tried two different compounders. I’m in Texas. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods, different flavors. You’re supposed to hold them in as long as possible because the stomach can’t really absorb it very well. I even take antinausea meds. Tried multiple kinds of meds to help with it.

I keep trying but it’s just not going to work. I’m too sensitive and the puking and nausea is Traumatic so each time I get more nervous. Last night I tried again and it did finally hit me but I was so sick that it was really a scary experience with the journey. I’ve even tried keeping a tasty lozenge in my mouth during and after. It just doesn’t matter. Tried totally dissolving it in juice and swooshing it for a long time. My gag reflex just feels insulted/overwhelmed and I have to spit it out or puke.

I did talk to my provider today and they are going to try and get me a suppository RX. One of them said they can’t handle it either. One said it’s ok to throw up because some belief is that it’s cleansing and symbolic of a fresh start. I’m like, nah, this just really sucks.

Hopefully my experience can help others. I’m really glad that most of you can tolerate it. Bluck, feel sick just talking about it. Haha.

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It took me several boosters with therapy before i started to feel better. I was pretty down and off course waited longer than i should have. Now about a year later - still in therapy and maintaining ok with troches. The troches are helpful but they r more subtle. I had only been using them when i

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Wishing everyone in this thread good healing. Zofran for nausea. Troches do taste yucky. I drink a Mountain Dew while mine is dissolving under my tongue. It really helps.

I am feeling extra anxious, on edge and highly emotional. I’m finding keeping busy doing little things that I haven’t been able to do for such a long time and have wanted to, is helping. I called my ketamine clinic to ask about troches and they told me that you can’t get troches in Maryland, so I have no choice but to have an infusion ! I just finished my six infusions a week or so ago, so I’ll wait and see where I’m at after two weeks.


Ketamine makes you do hard work sometimes. My my doctor suggested CBD for the anxiety instead of Xanax . I’m more than happy to try that . But if you are functioning and doing things you weren’t doing before; you are already making progress! Anxiety is my biggest issue as well now. Ketamine has gotten rid of my physical depression 95% I would say. I was a little bit in a darker place after my last infusion but I did some great work on my music today. Anesthesia can make you grumpy. I think the best way to know is how do you feel in a couple days or a week. I usually get happier. Day of my infusions I’m a little grumpy. @Donna
I think every day life gives normal people anxiety right now.


My clinic puts a scopolamine patch behind my ear (for motion sickness) and mixes phenergan (for nausea) in the IV. When I use troches I put the patch on, take zofran, meclazine (for vertigo). This has helped me a lot. I hope it gets better for you soon!


There are places if your doctor will write the script that will fill the prescription mail order! ITC compounding pharmacy in Castle Rock Colorado has mail order.

@Grousey I was worried about having the same reaction you had with the lozenge/torches (I have a very quick gag reflex). My clinic had me resolve the lozenge with honey. Basically I put the lozenge on a spoon, put honey on top and then just swished it around my mouth. I did not throw them up and did gag a bit but was able to get them all dissolved (I take four tablets -400 mg). Might be worth trying the honey.

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@Deb, I used 400 mg of fast-dissolving tablets exactly once. It came close to an infusion in intensity, and the aftershocks lasted for nearly 8 hours. It took about an hour to take full effect, but once it did I was immobilized in the recliner for over 2 hours. After 2-1/2 hours or so, I managed to navigate my way down the stairs (with difficulty) and when I blew my nose there were droplets of blood, which I took as an indication of dangerously high blood pressure. I don’t know you do it on a regular basis. It seems unsafe to me to be incapacitated for that long. I won’t do it again, I can tell you that. I know we’re all different, but wow! And I’m not a small man…about 200 lbs or so.

@Sojourner Wow, that sounds like a terrifying reaction. I was not allowed to do the 400 mg until after I was monitored by my integration therapist in a session. I do lozenge typically every other week, sometimes once a week. The 400 mg definitely sends me on a trip but nothing like you describe. With in 40 minutes I am coming back and within the hour able to walk. The 400 mg lozenge are not as intense as my IM sessions. I have extremely low blood pressure. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Any way, not something I will freely do.
Sorry it was so scary for you!!-


I suspect that the fast-dissolve tablets put more medication into your bloodstream more quickly than the troches, fwiw. I did try it again with half that dosage VERY recently, and it was a much more manageable experience. 200 mg was plenty…


Depending on how long I was able to hang out, before my ride home, I have had a range of puke experiences. The longer I can hang out, the better off I am.

I have been given zofran, but the kicker was the last booster, where they added phenargen to the injection. Wow. I still felt like a helium balloon, and it was kind of like trying to talk after going to the dentist, but I got home and ate everything in the fridge. No puking, and not feeling totally beat up.

Troches have never given me any issues. I am coming up on 2 years for clinic visits, but I didn’t start troches until last summer. I started with 1/4 of one. I have done halfs. Lately I do a full one, but I take it when I go to bed. I have been told here and by my provider that the medicine will do what it will do whether or not I am conscious. I actually think that it might work better with a smaller dose awake, but with a 10 hour day, come home and get cleaned up, then fix dinner, there isn’t much time mid-week unless I do it at bedtime. It does help. I wake up feeling a little lighter.

I do my best to let it dissolve and keep it all under my tongue (or slosh it around my cheeks and under tongue) as long as I can keep it there. I have read that absorption is more effective with tongue and cheek tissue than the GI route.

Oddly enough, if I take it first, then go to bed a bit later it keeps me awake. If I take it when I get into bed, I notice it coming on about the time I drift off. Odd dreams, I’ll tell you.

I have also been told by my provider that a smaller dose (troche/partial) as an attitude adjuster is probably better than full one, trying for “infusion jr.”. I’ve got a week off coming up, maybe I’ll manage enough time to try more conscious attempts.


Very helpful answer! I use troches at home! Thank you brother!