Field trip health

Haven’t been on these forums in a little while but just wanted to add a plug based on the experience I’ve been going through with Field Trip Health.

I previously did a series of infusions in the type of clinic that seems to be pretty standard for ketamine. I had a positive experience overall but just felt something was lacking. I was administered by an anesthesiologist with no therapist present or even anyone in the room with me while going through my infusions.

Now I’ve been going through a series of infusions again after not really getting the outcome I wanted through my prior experience this time at Field Trip Health.

Their model is totally different than what I experienced previously. You get paired with a therapist and then work with this therapist through your entire series of infusions. There are multiple sessions leading up to your first medicine session (they do an intramuscular injection vs an iv that stays in your arm) your therapist is in the room with you throughout the entire experience if you want to talk through anything you’re experiencing, is available to talk prior to the experience and is available to talk following the experience.

They also have integration rooms where you can spend as much time as you need to following your session. My last one I spent an hour painting in one of the integration areas. And you have integration sessions with your therapist following the medicine sessions.

I’m about half way through the treatment so far and will be glad to post further at the end of it but am enthused to share about the experience as it is so remarkable, so incredibly different than my infusion experience and just so innovative and thoughtful.

If anyone is considering ketamine I would seriously consider looking into this if they have a location accessible to you. I couldn’t find any reviews online so felt I was taking a bit of a gamble but couldn’t be more impressed by the experience I am having.

And if not specifically field trip I would suggest looking into clinics that provide therapy and integration in conjunction with the medicine. Having experienced both, it is just night and day and I am gaining so much more from this experience.

It is as you might imagine quite a bit more expensive but for how much they offer and for the value they deliver in my opinion it is well worth it.

Just felt compelled to come on and share this. Hopefully this helps someone!


Thank you for sharing your experience. I have just started this type of Ketamine therapy, in fact they call it KAP Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. I have my first IM session next Thursday. I am anxious in anticipation however, the therapist I have been working with went through the KAP training so she can work with me during the KAP session. I am really hoping this helps. I have experienced chronic PTSD from many years of childhood trauma. I really need a break from the flashbacks and night terrors.

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