Final treatment...thoughts

Finished my last treatment yesterday. Originally planned on 6 weeks because of difficult logistics but was able to condense the timeline into 2.5 weeks due to some favorable circumstances as well as feedback on here about how 1 week apart isn’t as supported yet by the science.

The treatments were generally very peaceful and relaxing. 2 of the 6 treatments I had minor anxiety attacks but they were controlled pretty easily with the help of the practitioner (he slowed the rate down once, talked me through the second one). The headspace for me was somewhat dark at times, and definitely a little trippy. I’ve done a fair amount of psychedelics in my younger years (not proud of this just saying this because it’s relevant). The headspace for me was similar to a combo of Xanax and lsd, but not quite as unnerving as lsd on its own. It’s more easily controlled than lsd as well. This is just me, everyone’s experience is different. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back into the ketamine headspace, whilst I have much more trepidation about taking lsd again.

Results: today is only the first day after the last treatment but i feel about a 7/10. Before treatments I was at a 4. I had suicidal thoughts but wasn’t at a place where I would consider acting them out. After the 4th treatment I really started noticing positive results with depression/anxiety reduction. Things became much more calm and peaceful in my daily life. I wasn’t easily annoyed by all the little things. This was huge, because anger and frustration was probably the number 1 contributed to my existential depression and anxiety. Literally every little thing annoyed the hell out of me and made me angry and frustrated. I was in this state of frustration and anxiety all day every day. Hard to be productive at work in this state. People don’t like you when you’re constantly annoyed and pissed off. So ketamine has definitely been helping that. Thankful.

I plan to do a booster in a few months. Money is an issue for me and I wish I could afford something more frequent but not in the budget.

My dose was 60mg over 50 min and it was perfect. I weigh 74kg (163lbs). I would t want to go much higher than that given my history of panic attacks and psychedelic use.

Feel free to ask any questions about the experience. It’s still fresh in my head .

Cheers y’all


Congratulations on healing! Such a wonderful medicine!

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Thank you for sharing. My scenario, life experiences and personality traits are pretty much identical to yours. I was left disappointed after my first treatment yesterday as the feeling did not sustain much after the session. I am hoping to see significant progression after 4 sessions like you did. I hope yours offers long term relief. God bless

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Give yourself a few infusions to make sure. If you don’t get some relief after two or three infusions it probably is not working. The relief that I got at first was for maybe a week?

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