First Infusion Advice

Hi all!

I am very new to all this. I get my first infusion next week!

I was wondering what y’all recommend during infusions and if you have any advice for the infusions?

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Welcome, @saro. There are a couple of things we can suggest that have proven to be pretty universal:

  1. If you’ve never had any kind of psychedelic experience, this will probably be unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Don’t fight it… just trust in your own higher self to guide you.
  2. A Mindfold mask allows you to keep your eyes open and still see total blackness. Keeping your eyes open with the mask on seems to help during the infusion. You can get one at Amazon for something like $13.
  3. Use some headphones to listen to some very calm, New Age type music during the infusion. Choose your music carefully. Personally, I prefer music without lyrics. I find lyrics to be a distraction once the infusion really gets going. There are as many opinions as there are patients as to what music is best, but keep the volume down. There’s something about an infusion that seems to magnify the volume.
  4. Just relax into it and let it take you where you need to go. Having a mantra such as “I am Love.” can help if things get a little intense.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


Hi @saro!

I am very new in this forum also. I had my 6th infusion just this past Monday, and my (young adult) kid is having her 2nd infusion tomorrow.

I’m very excited for you and hopeful that your first infusion is a fantastic experience.

Everything @Sojourner has said is great advice that I totally agree with. I will add a few thoughts that come to my mind as things that may be helpful before and after your infusion.

  • having an intention set before your infusion can be very helpful. It can be super simple (even if your reasons for trying ketamine infusions are not so simple). Don’t worry at all if you forget that intention once the infusion begins. Like Sojourner has said, just trust yourself, relax, and trust the medicine.

  • I highly recommend that for your ride home (if not taking public transit) that you are very comfortable with your trusted person who will be driving you.
    Both my kid and I tend to be VERY talkative post-infusion and it is really wonderful to have someone driving who is positive, easy, and comfortable for you to talk with.
    If you will be taking public transit, have headphones and some of your favorite music ready to go.
    It’s possible you will be feeling pretty good and pleasant things like enjoyable music and/or upbeat conversation can help reinforce any positive effects on your mental and emotional states.

  • Bring a bottle of filtered water and a little snack, like a delicious protein bar, to enjoy after your infusion. You might be feeling a bit hungry and hopefully awesome on your way home.

  • If possible, take it easy for the rest of the day. Prepare your space you’ll be returning to on the night before (tidy up, set out a good book or hobby gear, etc.) and try not to worry about day to day stuff that might usually get your mind busy. It will help reinforce positive effects and allow you really observe and learn how the ketamine is working in you.

Keeping good thoughts for you and looking forward to an update on how your first infusion goes.


You’ve gotten great advice above:) I would also add that you might like to have sunglasses with you for afterward. I feel like it’s really bright out, even if it’s not sunny, afterward!

Every session for me has been different. (I’ve had 8: the first 6 and then boosters at 4 & 8 weeks.) Sometimes I walk away with “insights” that I can explain to others, and sometimes it just feels like I traveled but there aren’t any words for it.

Hope it is helpful for you!


One thing I would add to the excellent advice is to plan a VERY low stress day when you are having an infusion. Give yourself the day to relax. You’ll get a lot more out of the experience if you keep your stress levels low. I hope you get very positive results. This treatment has been a game changer for me in a VERY positive way. This community can be an excellent resource as well!


I am going in for booster #9 (I think) tomorrow morning.

My clinic requires a ride, even if it is a taxi or uber, etc. I don’t think they allow you to leave unsupervised.

Music, YES. What seems to work best for many is instrumental. I have listened to vocals, but only a couple of times.

I don’t worry about total dark, but I do pull my hat down over my eyes. If I need/want to, I can open my eyes and I am back in the room. One reason I like that is, with my eyes closed, drifting through space and/or time, quite often neither one of them exist. If things start getting uncomfortable, I can open my eyes and touch base with so-called reality. My guys have an analog countdown timer (Time Timer) that has a colored “pie piece” wedge that gets smaller with elapsed time. I like having it where I can see it, so that if I need it, I can see how much time is left before I am back on the ground.

I like to have a set of baoding balls (Chinese hand exercise balls). It gives me a focus as I am going into it, and something to touch base during (sometimes, depending how far out I am).

Ask your provider about anti-nausea meds, and their experience with patient nausea, especially before you eat or drink anything. Sometimes empty is better.


Great thing to bring up - anti-nausea meds.
At the clinic I receive infusions zofran is given pre-infusion via IV and I have had zero issues with nausea, but my kid (just had 3rd infusion yesterday) is very prone to nausea and that made her first two infusions more difficult.

Our clinician is now giving her a larger dose of zofran pre-infusion, another dose post-infusion, and has prescribed some anti-nausea patches for my kid to wear through the rest of her infusion series to tackle this problem.

Yesterday’s infusion was a much more positive experience for her now that we are getting the nausea control dialed in.


Great to hear it! If the clinic is not already having you fast beforehand - that can help also. I’m really prone to nausea and between fasting and whatever they put in my drip (maybe the benadryl?) I haven’t had any problems.