First Ketamine infusion


I just hours (next am) after my first Ketamine infusion. During the procedure, I felt great.
However, I was somehow very irritated after my wife drove me home. Nuff to say that we had a big fight :frowning: This morning I don’t feel well (nausea, light headache, irritation). My Doc told me of these side effects, potentially after 1st and/or 2nd infusion.

Did you have a similar experience?


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I didn’t have that experience at all but I demanded to be left alone for long periods of time after treatments to adjust. Drink a ton of water after, and just wear sunglasses during and that’s helped me with dizziness and nausea. I do think the key is to properly recover afterwards with no interference. Don’t stop now though, keep going. It’s worth it. Just do it right.

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Thank you!!!

For me irritability has always been a major aspect of my TRD, but I didn’t feel any more irritable after my infusions, even the early ones. I did feel kind of dizzy and unsteady for a couple of hours and very lethargic for the rest of the day; I’d typically go home, have something to eat, then take a 3 - 4 hour nap. By the next morning I’d be feeling relatively normal, still a little slow and foggy maybe, but by evening the next day I’d be totally fine.

I hope the irritability after your infusions has passed and that you’re finding the treatments worthwhile and helpful. My sixth infusion was five days ago and I’m feeling better than I have in years; hopefully you’ll have similar success. I feel like my negative mental habits (ruminating, etc.) are much less powerful or compulsive or toxic, occur less often, and when I do notice them happening, I notice the occurrence more quickly and am more easily able to redirect myself to mindfulness or positive thinking.

I have my sixt infusion today. Doctor recommends to reevaluate in a week or two. I understand that other than infusion there are two other method of maintaining depression free mental health. Which one of the three do you recommend? Thank you!