First treatment

I had my first treatment today. I got stuck in what felt like a loop. It felt like I was in the chair for 5 minutes and it was over. Not sure I allowed myself to relax completely. I’m sure now I know what to expect next treatment will be a different experience. I had trouble quieting my mind. Has anyone else experienced the same kind of feeling?

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Just finished my 6th session. Amazing experience. Had no since of time until the last 2. I went into first 2 with no expectations and no real intentions, definitely helps to set intention. Good luck on your journey. Definitely relax, it helps.


Welcome Applegirl & Miababy!!! i just try to really RELAX & LET GO…:wink: and listen to my favorite music.

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I get that looping thought/sensation - both within the time of the infusion, and across infusions. (e.g., I did an infusion in early May, and during the infusion felt like I was “looping” back to my initial infusion series in February … I wondered if I would walk out of the office to see snow on the ground again, etc.)

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I always experience some slight time fragmentation. It does make some experiences feel shorter than others. I am glad you are on this path.