Getting my 8th treatment in two weeks

Anyone on here can give me any personal advice about things I can do differently before/after the trip?


hi Carzepan,
I have found that my Ketamine experiences vary wildly and have realized that “set”, or my mindset going into the session, is a major determining factor of how the experience will play out. Although we obviously never have complete control over our state of mind, I have found that finding time for quiet reflection or meditation prior to the session can help to invite a deeper experience. Going into the session with an intention, whether specific or more general, can also be helpful.
Best of luck. Keep going.


I agree. I stopped doing work or interacting with my phone before infusions or troches. It always took me down a bad path. I try to clear my mind. Sometimes I go in with an intention and other times I just let it take me where it wants to. I’ve been able to ride out any bad trips for the most part by reminding myself to breathe and try to think positive or I change the song.

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I tend to treat it like other spiritual psychedelic trips (like Ayahuasca ceremony, for example). Setting intentions beforehand, thinking of what I feel I need to learn or try to heal a specific challenge. Then after, some integration meditations and journaling. I also do dream work, my dreams become way more informative and insightful to me.

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Relax on that day. Let go of your responsibilities for one day if you can!