Has anyone else built up a tolerance to Ketamine?

I used to get the “floaty” feeling with about 125mg, but after doing lozenges for a while now 200mg doesn’t even do anything. Has anyone else built up a tolerance? What did you do to reset? Do I need to stop everything for a few weeks? I know it’s disputed between doctors if you even need to get to the “floaty” feeling for the anti depressant effect to work. Any thoughts?

I have 200mg lozenge also, definitely don’t get the same effect I did when I first started using them. I like to take a couple thc edibles, 20mg total, about an hour before I take a lozenge. Not sure if you’re into that, but I seem to get a better response from the lozenge that way.
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I also saw the Ketamine treatments get a little “flat” after a few months of 2-3 sessions per week. Those sessions helped me out of a very deep and dark depression. I have started to spread them a bit now to only once per week and I’m seeing more life in the sessions. I have also added cannabis to some sessions, sometimes smoking right after swallowing the Ketamine and recently I have been taking 2 6mg drops of a THC oil tincture. Cannabis is legal in my state, so there is easy access to many different forms of THC. I found that, when smoking, the cannabis kind of overpowers the Ketamine, but the THC tincture, taken an hour before the session, seems to loosen the mind enough to get into a much better mindset for the session.

I have also recently switched from the lozenges to the quick-dissolve tablets with good success.

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sorry, I meant 2 3mg drops of THC tincture, 6mg total

I don’t have firsthand experience here but I’ve heard from some friends that ketamine stopped working for them after a while (2 years or so) and they were choosing between TMS and psychedelics like psilocybin as the next step. Ended up choosing the latter, not sure how that ended up